New Features: Facebook Pixel Upgrade, Page Anchoring, and More.

New Features: Facebook Pixel Upgrade, Page Anchoring, and More.

Getting Better All the Time

It is our goal to always be improving Zipify Pages…

Which is why we regularly add new templates, blocks, and features, and why we welcome feature requests from our users.

I was just at Shopify headquarters showing off the new features of Zipify Pages, and we were all very excited! We have a great mix of added functionality and new design options.

Here’s what’s new and exciting in Zipify Pages:

Facebook Pixel Upgrade: Now passes your product data from Shopify to Facebook so you can easily run Dynamic Product Ads.

Our native integration with Shopify allows us to automatically collect your product data and pass that information to Facebook via your pixel. This means you can easily run dynamic product retargeting ads that show your customers ads for products they’ve recently viewed—a very effective type of retargeting campaign.

Page Anchoring: Connect a button to another block on your page and give people quicker access to your offers.

This is a new button option where, instead of triggering a new page or lead box, you can now link a button to scroll to another block on your page. This feature is particularly useful for giving customers immediate access to offers you have further down the page—such as bundles or product bumps.


Fixed Layout: A very popular design style, this allows you to make your page fixed width rather than full length/expandable.

Divider Block: A clean design choice for separating blocks on your page, dividers are customizable by size, color, and style.

Watch the video above for a walkthrough of Zipify Pages’ newest features.

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