New Feature: Faster Checkout w/ “Skip Cart” for OCU!

New Feature: Faster Checkout w/ “Skip Cart” for OCU!

***This post shows functionality from OCU Legacy which is no longer supported by Zipify or Shopify, but this same functionality is available in OCU Native. Click here if you’re looking for up to date information about OneClickUpsell***

Generally, if you want to increase sales

The easier you make the buying experience for potential customers the better your conversions will be — especially when it comes to removing steps and buttons from the checkout flow.

So what if you could remove an entire page from your checkout process?

Well now you can with the new Skip Cart feature for OCU:

The Traditional Way…

The current workflow with a standard Shopify store looks like this:

  1. Someone clicks a buy button and the item is added to their cart.
  2. Then the customer needs to click through to the cart page.
  3. Then they need to click through to the checkout page.

This process is bulky, and there are many points when someone could change their mind and abandon their cart.

That’s why we developed this new Skip Cart feature to literally shave off an entire step from your checkout process!

The New “Skip Cart” Feature

Here’s how it works:

Once the new Skip Cart feature is enabled in your OCU settings, anyone who clicks a buy button on your website will be directed straight to the checkout page…

So no extra clicks to get past the cart page or extra opportunities to change their mind.

Then, once they complete their purchase, OneClickUpsell presents them with the upsell offers of your choosing.

This new feature works on every product page, collection page, or Zipify Page you build…

So now in just a few steps, OCU can not only add more revenue to your order, it can help increase your conversion rate, too — all with the same app.
If you’re an OCU user, you can try the Skip Cart feature today by logging into the app and selecting OCU Settings > Skip Cart Feature.

If you’re not using OCU yet, here’s why you absolutely should be:

On average, our new users see a 15% increase in revenue starting day 1.

Visit to learn more. I’m Jeff Wenberg and thanks for reading!

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