New Deep Discount Offer Page by ColorIt: Convert more first-time buyers with this tripwire offer.

New Deep Discount Offer Page by ColorIt:
Convert more first-time buyers with this tripwire offer.

Looking for an easier way to convert first-time buyers?

Try this new Deep Discount Offer Page template from ColorIt. You can use it to help:

  1. Overcome first-time buyer fears
  2. Convert non-buyers in your funnels
  3. Create loyal and repeat customers

This new long form product offer page from ColorIt is designed to make it as easy as possible for first time customers to make a purchase.

It accomplishes this by offering a low-cost, low-commitment “tripwire” product to those prospects who have seen your other funnels but still haven’t bought.

Try using this strategy to help customers overcome their initial fears of buying for the first time.

What can a “tripwire” do for me?

A tripwire is low-cost, low-commitment offer (often less than $10) that you can use to make it irresistible for prospects to become customers.

Often these are travel or demo sized versions of your full-price items, and they are sold at a deep discount. For their tripwire offer, ColorIt created a mini version of their full length coloring book that they could sell for $4.99.

This is an effective strategy for stores that sell high-priced versions of popular products, because a tripwire gets your products into people’s hands without asking them to commit to a full-price purchase.

Where the real profit comes from

A tripwire isn’t intended to generate a lot of profit — at least initially. The primary goal is get people to experience your product, start a relationship with your brand, and get comfortable enough buying from you that they’ll buy again later.

So in order to get the most value from this new tripwire template, you need to plan on cross-selling these buyers with fully-price products.

To do that, ColorIt emails their tripwire customers with popular marker sets, pen sets and full-length books to enhance their enjoyment.

Then they also retarget these customers during all their new sale events going forward.

And the results are amazing: Because these customers have experienced the benefits of being a customer and the quality of the products, ColorIt has a 55% repurchase rate from this funnel.

That’s a huge win considering this offer only goes to those who have made it passed every other offer ColorIt had, and still didn’t buy.

The complete template breakdown

According to ColorIt’s Chief Marketing Officer Michael Jackness, this template is one of the most important pages on their multi-million dollar Shopify store.

That’s because it brings in a ton of customers and capitalizes on those prospects who wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

You can watch the video for a full breakdown of the design elements ColorIt used to create this template, including some key parts of their successful tripwire offer.

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