How to Grow Your Business with OneClickUpsell Part 3

Welcome to the third post in my 3-post series, “How to Grow Your Business with Zipify OneClickUpsell.”

In my first article I explained how upsells and cross-sells increase your Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value, and why that is so essential to growing your business.

In my second article I showed you the different kinds of upsells you can implement on your store to start seeing extra profit from Zipify OneClickUpsell right away.

Now I’m going to show you how to use My 10x Profit Post-Purchase Email Sequence to increase repeat purchases and customer loyalty, while decreasing returns.

Let’s dive in.

How Post-Purchase Emails Affect Your Business

First, let’s look again at the only three ways to grow your business:

1. Increase how many customers you have

2. Increase how much your customers spend per purchase

3. Increase how often your customers make a purchase

We’ve already talked at length about how upsells increase how much our customers spend per purchase. But after our customer completes their purchase, we can’t just forget about them!

Because remember: acquiring a new customer is the hardest part. (This email sequence will help you gather conversion assets that will make it easier to acquire future customers, but I’ll talk more about that later.)

For now, we’re going to focus on getting our current customers to buy from us again, because it’s easier to get a someone to buy again than it is to acquire a brand new customer.

(NOTE: if you ever find yourself wanting to sell your business, it looks really good to buyers if you have a strong base of repeat customers.)

My 10x Profit Post-Purchase Email Sequence

This is a series of emails that goes out to customers who have purchased from your store.

The main purpose of the sequence is to increase your customer loyalty and repeat purchases while decreasing returns (avoiding the loss of a sale is as good as gaining a sale!).

We send four main types of emails in this sequence: trust & relationship builders, social proof, content, and offers—often, emails will be a combination of these.

I’m going to show you all the emails I send, when they go out, the subject lines I use, and what the purpose is of each email.

(To effectively use post-purchase email automation, you will need some kind of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, or Email Service Provider (ESP), that will allow you to automate your emails. You could do it manually, but it’d be a lot of work and very confusing!

But if you’re serious about growing your business, consider that an average of 46% of an ecommerce store’s profit comes from email—so get a CRM!)

Email 1: Thank You! (And Purchase Information)

Day: Immediately

Subject Line: Thanks & Welcome!

Purpose: Confirm order, provide shipping information, offer customer support, build trust & relationship

We send this email immediately after a customer makes a purchase. First and foremost we want to confirm their order, tell them about shipping time and anything else relevant about product fulfillment, and offer to support them in any way they need. This is essential.

Then we jump into some trust/relationship building. The email links to a video where the face of our brand (Cindy Joseph) thanks them for their purchase, welcomes them into our community, and explains what they can expect from us and our products.

Email 2: Content

Day: 1

Subject Line: Tour My House

Purpose: Engage with content, build trust & relationship

Our second email is a piece of content that comes 1 day after the customer’s purchase.

The email links to a page with a video of Cindy taking them on a virtual tour of her house (which was also the original company headquarters), and she also tells them a little about her life.

The only purpose of this email is to increase the customer’s familiarity with our brand, and to build excitement about their forthcoming product. The more they know about us, the more their purchase means to them and the less likely they are to return it.

Email 3: Content

Day: 3

Subject line: Pro-Age Revolution on ABC7!

Purpose: Social proof, educate on brand, establish authority

Our 3rd email comes 3 days after the purchase (and two days after the last email).

This email contains a link to a piece of press we got from ABC7. This video is a valuable piece of social proof, where reliable sources are recommending our products. It also educates the customer about our brand, and establishes Cindy as an authority in her field.

Email 4: Content

Day: 5

Subject Line: I thought I’d never do this…

Purpose: Deliver content, establish intimacy

Next, we send another piece of content (notice we’re delivering a lot of value up front, before we jump into making additional offers).

This email links to a video of Cindy talking about her decision to cut her hair, a topic that is very relevant to our brand and people interested in Cindy’s life.

This video shows Cindy being very vulnerable, and establishes further intimacy with her subscribers.

Email 5: Begin Webinar Sequence – Anticipation Email

Day: 6

Subject Line: My Never Before Told Story

Purpose: Build anticipation

Okay, we’ve delivered a lot of fun, relevant content—now let’s get into our cross-selling!

For our brand, we cross-sell by using long-form video content called webinars.

The webinar we use in this sequence is a collection of slides with Cindy providing voiceover. She talk about her life, her career, and how she decided on the pro-age philosophy behind our products. Then she transitions into a sales pitch on one of our most popular products. (Note that the content is relevant to the offer.)

Email 6: Webinar Offer

Day: 7

Subject Line: Beauty, Fashion, and Makeup Tips [My Best]

Purpose: Deliver content, Make offer, Communicate urgency

Now that we’ve built anticipation for our content, we send an email the next day containing the link to watch the webinar.

This webinar does a lot of things at once: it creates trust/builds a relationship, establishes authority, educates on your brand, and (importantly) makes an offer.

We also mention that this webinar (and the discount within) will only be available for 3 days, so they must act quickly.
This email only announces that the webinar is coming tomorrow, building anticipation and improving the open rate on the following email.

Email 7: Webinar PDF

Day: 8

Subject Line: [PDF] Beauty and Fashion Tips for All Women

Purpose: Deliver content, Make offer, Provide different content format

This email provides a link to a PDF of what was covered in the webinar. Like in our last email, we create urgency by saying that the pdf will be coming down soon.

We’ve learned that people like to consume content in different formats. If they didn’t watch/didn’t finish the webinar video, maybe they will consume more content in written form.

Email 8: Webinar Closing

Day: 10

Subject Line: Last Chance! Video coming down today

Purpose: Communicate urgency

We send this email to alert people that the webinar (and the discount we offer inside) will be closing.

This email provides a final bit of urgency to get those procrastinators to return and consume more of our content, and then hopefully make a purchase.

Email 9: Selfie Request

Day: 11

Subject Line: Upload a selfie and win!

Purpose: Acquire conversion assets

In this email, we ask our customers to send selfies of them holding their products. In return, they are entered every month to win free products.

Getting repeat purchases is not the only goal of this email sequence (though it is an important one). As you will see in the next few emails, we also want to use our customers to get conversion assets.

These are pieces of content that you can use to convert other customers in the future. In this case, we want selfies that we can use as social proof on our website.

Email 10: Survey Request

Day: 13

Subject Line: Can you help me out?

Purpose: Research

In this email, we are asking customers to take a short survey about their experience purchasing from us.

This information is called qualitative research: where our analytics might tell us what happened (quantitative research), this will tell us “why” something happened. Why did they buy from us? Which of our competitors did they consider first? And this comes straight from the source.

This survey helps us optimize our store and funnels, and you can even use the customers’ exact words as a source of inspiration for your future copy.

Email 11: Video Review Request

Day: 15

Subject Line: Get a $10 Gift Card from Cindy?

Purpose: Acquire conversion assets

Let’s get some more conversion assets!

This time, we’re asking our customers to send in video reviews of our products in return for a $10 gift card.

These video reviews are great pieces of social proof that we leverage on our website. They’re well worth the $10!

In the email we explain step by step how to send us the video, and we also link to a landing page that uses visuals to explain the same process.

And that’s My 10x Profit Post-Purchase Email Sequence!

By sending your customers through this sequence…

You increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases, while decreasing returns. And you acquire conversion assets that will help you get more conversions on your store.

As far as your content goes: In my experience, simply made face-to-camera videos work really well. If you don’t have a nice camera, use your phone. What’s important is that you get some face-time with your customers, and give them relevant information about their products and your brand.

If you are interested in learning more about creating pieces of content like the ones I mention in these emails, I have a free content marketing course available here.

Remember, if you need help configuring the application, Zipify OneClickUpsell has a full help section in the members’ area. (Access restricted to Zipify OCU customers)

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at customer support, or reach out to us through the applications Live Chat feature.

Thank you! And here’s to your success using post-purchase upsells and email automation.

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