Friendly Navigation: A Lesson from the Top 10 Ecommerce Stores

Friendly Navigation: A Lesson from the Top 10 Ecommerce Stores

Did you know 50% of all the money spent online is spent at these 10 stores:

  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Apple
  4. Staples
  5. Sears
  6. Netflix
  7. Macy’s
  8. Office Depot
  9. CDW
  10. Home Depot

Like it or not, these 10 websites are training your customers to expect certain design features from your store.

And one feature all 10 of these stores do well is friendly navigation.

With Zipify Pages you can recreate this navigation design on your pages to help build trust and create a better user experience for your store.

What is Friendly Navigation?

Friendly navigation makes it as easy to navigate between your store’s different products and categories.

Here’s the easiest way to add friendly navigation to your store:

Offer your customers both text and image options to explore your products.

If you look at Amazon’s home page, they’ve created custom images for all their most popular categories to help make it easier for customers find what they’re looking for.

This is easy to copy using your theme’s header and Zipify Pages’ library of image blocks.

Recreating this on Zipify Pages

If you have multiple product collections in your store, choose from Zipify’s library of image blocks and upload your own category photos from there.

Then link these images to another Zipify Page or collection page with these products.

And of course, your customers can still choose to navigate the traditional way using your store’s header.

Along with navigation ideas such as “Health & Beauty,” “Home Essentials” or “Skin Care,” this works great for themed collections and sale events like “Gifts for Grads” or “4th of July Deals.”

And with Zipify Pages mobile-only feature, you can even create navigation categories that only appear on certain devices.

If you’re interested in building high-converting pages for your ecommerce store, go to to learn more about the best landing page builder on Shopify.

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