Flash Sale Template: How to Spike Your Holiday Revenue while Cutting Ad Spend

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Flash Sale Template: How to Spike Your Holiday Revenue while Cutting Ad Spend

At Zipify Pages, we’re always on the lookout for ways to help you spend less and make more.

So when ecommerce expert Michael Jackness showed us a page that doubled his holiday sales revenue in December while lowering his overall ad spend, we couldn’t wait to give it to you:

Introducing the Flash Sale page by ColorIt!

This new Pages template can help maximize your next holiday sale and save you a ton on advertising.


Each year, holiday sales get tougher for small brands.

With more competition than ever on Facebook, do-it-yourself Shopify store’s are getting crushed by huge brands with massive advertising budgets…

To be profitable in today’s marketplace, ecommerce brands like ColorIt need to find new ways to offset the rising cost of their Black Friday and Christmas sales.

That’s why Michael Jackness capitalizes on holiday customers when they aren’t being bombarded by offers and before ad prices got out of control.

His strategy? A twelve-day flash sale campaign lasting from December 1 – 12.


Every day from December 1 – 12, Mike creates a new flash sale offering a single one of his products at a deep discount.

And to attract people to visit the flash sale page, he creates a new Facebook ad along with a new sales email featuring that day’s offer.

On the landing page itself, Mike includes all twelve offers to help cross-sell and build excitement for the following day’s sales, plus an email opt-in so visitors can stay up to date.

Then he manually changes the price on his store’s product page for every day’s flash sale item, so they can claim their discount.

Just make sure you change the price back after 24 hours.


This Flash Sale template and strategy doubled Mike’s holiday revenue from the previous year.

And because he chose to run it between expensive holiday dates, he was also able to spend far less than a traditional sale costs him.

We encourage you to try this Flash Sale template for your next sale to take advantage of cheaper advertising windows and the popularity of deep discount offers.

To use this template on your store, open Zipify Pages, go to Templates and find the “Flash Sale” page by ColorIt.

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