Featured Template: Video Review Generator

Featured Template: Video Review Generator

Probably the first Zipify Pages template you should implement in your business, the Video Review Generator is the best way to collect customer video testimonials to use in your marketing. These testimonials are the most powerful form of social proof, and incredibly effective at influencing purchases.

Every business should be leveraging customer testimonials

Testimonials are the best way to show your customers that people just like them like your products and trust your brand. This is very important for prospects who are thinking about buying.

And the most effective kind of testimonial is a customer video review. That’s why we created the Video Review Generator Template.

Using this template is the easiest way to generate customer video reviews to use in your marketing—on your product offer pages, in your email sequences and advertising, and more.

To see how we’re generating our reviews, and the different places we use them in our business, watch the video walkthrough of this template above.

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