Featured Template: Holiday Promotion Sales Page

Featured Template: Holiday Promotion Sales Page

If you have an ecommerce business, you should be running a sale campaign a minimum of every 6 weeks. That’s why we created our Holiday Promotion Template: It makes it easy to advertise special discounts to past customers to generate more revenue and increase lifetime customer value.

Holiday Sales Are Essential To Growing Your Business.

The biggest Shopify stores in the world all run a promotion event every 4-6 weeks like clock work. Why do they do it?

Because they know they can generate millions in extra revenue by advertising sales to their subscribers.

Over the past year alone, this Holiday Promotion Template has been worth several million dollars in sales for our Shopify stores, and I want to show you how to leverage these same holiday sales to grow your business.

To see how to use the Holiday Promotion Sales Page on your store, watch my video walkthrough of this template.

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