Ecommerce Case Study: How Ruby Olive Jewelry Increased Revenue 500%.

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Ecommerce Case Study: How Ruby Olive Jewelry Increased Revenue 500%.


What would 500% more revenue mean for your business?

For Zipify Pages user Skye Anderton of, it meant changing from a business that made inconsistent sales and survived by word of mouth…

To one generating consistent revenue and doubling sales every quarter for the last year and a half.

Watch our new video to see how this jewelry brand combined Zipify Pages with a new Facebook ads strategy to 5X their business.

Store History

Ruby Olive specializes in bold and colorful jewelry made out of wood and resin.

In 2010, they started out as a wholesaling business with a little consumer traffic on the side. However, since most of their growth was coming from the word-of-mouth advertising of their loyal customers, they decided to focus more on direct-to-consumer sales.

Like most businesses, Ruby Olive found it hard to scale by relying on word of mouth alone. They were using Facebook Ads here and there with minimal success, and while things were working, Skye knew Ruby Olive had greater potential.

So she made a simple choice: She decided to focus on direct-to-consumer digital marketing. She wasn’t going to just try a few little tests. She was going to dive in and really get it down.


Skye knew an offer is only good if people can see it, so getting consistent traffic was the first step in her two-pronged approach. She went through Ezra Firestone’s flagship training called Facebook Video Ads Mastery and learned how to leverage video ads the Smart Marketer way.

Now she had the traffic, so she needed somewhere to send this traffic that could effectively convert it to sales. She had always used her Shopify product pages as destinations, however, she found that they didn’t convert well.

She searched around and tried several of the recommended landing page builders in an attempt to optimize the pages where she was sending her traffic. These pages needed to function well, look amazing, and be set up to generate sales for her products.

That’s when she landed on Zipify Pages. She created long form product offer pages for the key products she advertising. They had the same look and feel as her store, but contained additional elements that assisted in conversion.

What Skye found is what many Zipify Pages users find…

A dramatic shift in sales and revenue from using Facebook ads with effective long form product offer pages.

Key Zipify Pages elements that assisted Ruby Olive sales:

1. Video Player: Increase Your Customer Engagement.

  • 4x as many customers prefer video to text – Animoto
  • Works with: Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube & DailyMotion
  • Automatically adjusts for Optimal Size

2.Testimonials: Use Social Proof To Impact Sales.

  • Let your happy customers do the talking for you
  • Influence visitors’ decisions with positive feedback
  • Increase trust on all of your pages

3. One-Click Lightboxes: Capture more leads, Grow your email list.

  • Turn any button into Lightbox Capture with 1 Click
  • Increase your opt-in conversion rates
  • Integrates with your CRM to build your email list


The Results

After implementing Facebook ads along with her long form product offer pages, Skye saw a 500% increase in revenue and consistent 5-figure months for Ruby Olive.

While these results are amazing, what has been even better is Ruby Olive has doubled sales month over month for the last year and a half by using these systems.

Regular product sell-outs, consistent sales, and happy customers are now the norm for Ruby Olive.

So instead of trying to just figure out how to get sales, Skye and her team can focus on setting up more funnels, and advertising new products with systems she’s proven to work. They are also expanding their sites and partnering with various charities using the same systems.

Her biggest problem now is finding the time to build out all of her ideas.

If you’d like to learn more about Ruby Olive, visit You’ll be able to see Zipify Pages in action, as well as some amazing products.

And if you’re not a Zipify Pages member yet, visit to learn more today.