[Case Study] How Dugout Mugs Made $73,790 With One Upsell Funnel

Randall Thompson is the founder of DugoutMugs.com, where they convert the barrels of baseball bats into drinking mugs.

And in “legitimately, a couple clicks,” he was able to launch a brand new funnel with OneClickUpsell that generated $73,790!

Watch Randall’s case study video for a breakdown of his winning upsell funnel and to see why Dugout Mugs is going to bat for OCU.  

Image from DugoutMugs.com showing baseball bats made into drinking mugs.

The Keys to Scaling Ads

According to Randall, you don’t need to be perfect to scale an ad campaign, you just need to do one of two things:

  • Increase your conversion rate, or…
  • Increase your average order value.

Both strategies work — and they work really well together — but for Randall, the nice thing about using OCU to increase AOV is…

“You can be a little more imperfect, because your average order value is just going to increase just naturally.”

So you don’t have to be a data scientist or interpret heatmaps to get good results with OCU.

As you’re about to see, Randall got a 5-figure revenue boost just by adding one simple upsell for his most popular products.

Dugout Mug’s Winning Upsell Funnel

The one upsell that earned Randall over $73,790 was this simple offer to add gift packaging to your order for an additional $10:

Image of Dugout Mugs' upsell offer page made with OneClickUpsell.

And it’s proof that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get game-changing results with OCU.

“I set up a pre-purchase funnel — legitimately, a couple clicks — [that] tied into a gift tube for our product…”

In just a few minutes of work, Randall was able to create and launch a brand new offer.

Now when a customer checks out with a mug in their cart, OCU automatically sends them to this offer page where they can buy a gift wrapping tube with a single click.

If they accept, OCU adds the $10 upsell to their order then sends them back to Shopify’s checkout page to complete their purchase.

Flash Forward to Today, and

Randall Thomas has sold nearly 8,000 gift tubes for his Dugout Mugs.

“I would check it on a daily basis, and I’d say to my wife:

Look at this! We sold [X] amount of gift tubes yesterday — that’s [X] amount of dollars that we wouldn’t have had towards our revenue or our bottom line.’”

And since the cost of each tube was just $0.90

Randall was able to add $9 in profit margin to each of these 8,000 orders with one simple upsell funnel.

That’s over $66,000 in total profit added to the bottom line of the business — extra money he can now reinvest into scaling more ad campaigns, acquiring more customers and growing his brand.

The Simplest Way to Increase AOV

Today Randall and his team have grown the company to a pretty significant level.

And you can see in his video that Randall is still smiling when he thinks about his results with OCU and the marginal dollars that came along with a few clicks of getting that pre-purchase offer in place.”

Now every time he meets new store owners looking for simple ways to increase average order value or make more money per transaction, he always brings up OCU:

“And the reason why I bring up OCU is that it’s incredibly easy to set up… It really is incredibly simple and incredibly easy and incredibly effective.”

— Randall Thompson, Founder of Dugout Mugs

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