The Dragontree Funnel: How One Store Increased Conversions 600% and Scaled to $5 Million in Revenue

The Dragontree Funnel: How One Store Increased Conversions 600% and Scaled to $5 Million in Revenue


The Dragontree didn’t begin as your typical online business.

In 2003, it started out as a spa with one brick-and-mortar location. When the owners Brianna and Dr. Peter Borten started seeing success, they quickly opened 2 more locations to accommodate their growing customer base.

One of the core elements of their spas was the products they used there and sold to their customers, so they started an apothecary to make and sell their own.

These products quickly flew off the shelves, prompting The Dragontree to wholesale to other spas and sell direct to consumers online.

Phil Ackley, The Dragontree’s Marketing Director, set out to move this part of the business online.

First, he had to find a platform to use as the business’s infrastructure, then find a way to build landing pages for his offers.

He settled on UltraCart and WordPress:

“There were landing page providers out there at the time,” says Phil, “but we just built our pages in WordPress, and used UltraCart for payments.”

“It was kind of a pain in the butt, and not a very robust solution. However, it worked good enough.”


With the digital arm of the business up and running, The Dragontree was able to scale to $60,000 a year.

However, there was a problem.

The apothecary’s main driver of sales was buzz from the spas, so their next challenge became, how do they sell their products to a cold audience?

After growing frustrated with UltraCart, Phil moved The Dragontree’s online infrastructure to Shopify and continued building his sales pages on WordPress.

The problem was, it took a long time to create a page and test new ideas.

As luck would have it, Phil met Zipify CEO Ezra Firestone at a live event, and decided to adopt Ezra’s new Shopify landing page builder, Zipify Pages, along with his post-purchase upsell tool, OneClickUpsell.

This was a huge turning point for The Dragontree.


Phil then set up the funnel that revolutionized the business. Here’s how it looks:

1. Phil utilizes Facebook advertising to target a lookalike audience of customers.

2. He sends this traffic to a long-form product offer page he built using Zipify Pages.

3. On his page, he offers a deep discount on one of their most popular products, the Muscle Melt Patch. Phil uses this as an entry point because customer behavior tells him that when customers try this product, they usually come back and buy more.

4. After they buy, Phil uses OneClickUpsell to make a post-purchase offer on an additional product.

5. Then, when the Muscle Melt Patches are delivered, he uses email marketing to promote a subscription for more patches.


After implementing Facebook ads with long-form product offer pages and fantastic email marketing…

The Dragontree’s online sales increased from around $60,000/year to almost $5,000,000/year, with conversion rates also increasing by 600%.

This funnel is now the main way they acquire new customers.

Here’s Phil’s favorite part:

“Zipify Pages allows me to test new offers in hours rather than days… and all of the elements I need on my pages are built in.”

If you’d like to learn more about The Dragontree, visit to see Zipify Pages in action. (You’ll also find a ton of great products.)

To start your Zipify Pages membership, go to

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