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“…all of a sudden people were just going and signing up for a subscription. It went from pulling teeth to basically getting one every day.”

-Tiffany Gardner, J.P.O.C.R. Marketing Director

Meet Tiffany Gardner. She’s the Marketing Director at Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters, a family-owned business operating out of Tampa, Florida. 

When she first joined the company two years ago, they already had some success selling on Amazon, but they wanted to increase the presence of their website.

Using Zipify Pages, she was able to revamp the website, optimize customer experience and increase subscriptions.

To hear about Tiffany’s results (and the powerful features behind them), watch the video above or keep reading!

Before Zipify Pages 

We’ve learned that the longer it takes for a customer to make it to checkout, the lower the probability of making a sale. 

Before adopting Zipify Pages, it took 6 clicks (!) for Java Planet’s customers to select a coffee, add it to cart, and proceed to payment.

“So it used to be… read all about our subscription, go to our collection page, pick a collection, pick a coffee, click a button. It was like you had to do 10 different steps in order to create a subscription.”

Not only did those additional steps reduce the number of subscriptions, the complexity of the website made it difficult to build and launch.

“It took like 6 months for our graphic designers to put together this website, test everything and get it up. And we launch it… just waiting for the floods of people to come and order and it wasn’t really happening.”

After installing Zipify Pages, it took Tiffany much less time to create sales funnels and landing pages, and she was able to tap into conversion-proven features to help grow the brand. 

Let’s take a look at how well Java Planet’s website looked and performed after using Zipify Pages. 

Tiffany’s Results (and the Powerful Features Behind Them)

Feature(s): The Landing Page Builder

The amazing thing for me about Zipify Pages is the page builder. If you want to run a sale, add a product, or change something about your website, you can do that.
10 minutes, 15 minutes, it’s up to you… Being in business you have to be flexible. Zipify Pages gives you that ability. ”

One of Tiffany’s first goals was to create a more visually appealing site while retaining the flexibility to make changes quickly. As she became familiar with the landing page builder, what used to require 6 months of work could now be done in days or hours.

Feature(s): Subscription Options

So, I created a page and it made it very simple. We made it live on March 9th and we had 173 subscriptions. March 18th we had 184 subscriptions. All of a sudden people were just going and signing up for a subscription. It went from pulling teeth to basically getting one every day.”

The next step was shortening the customer journey and making it easier for them to start a subscription. That’s where Zipify Pages showed some of its true earning power — with one-click, straight-to-checkout button options and flexible buy boxes.

The app has tons of buy boxes that can display subscriptions offers, but our favorite has to be the Dynamic Buy Box (shown below). With a Bold Subscriptions integration and even a ReCharge Subscription Block for ReCharge Legacy users, you can easily display almost any subscription service.

image of buy box with subscription options

Feature(s): Split Testing

“We changed one image [on the homepage] and it almost doubled our sales. I didn’t go to school and get a degree for this. But it gave me hope that I could do this.”

If you want to continuously improve your site’s conversion rates, then split testing is a must. Whether you’re changing one small element or comparing entirely different pages, split testing can have a huge impact on results. 

For this particular test, Tiffany assigned one of her landing pages as her site’s homepage using Zipify’s built-in Homepage Feature, then tested it against an exact replica with one updated image.

As shown below, Page A (new image) beat Page B (old page) in this homepage split test. Page A converted at 14.29% while Page B converted at only 8% — and all because they changed image!  

image of split-test pages and winner

Visit our help section to learn more about split testing.

And that’s all it took! With these features and strategies, Tiffany was able to increase conversions and boost subscriptions for her brand. 

If you’re not a Zipify member and you want to leverage these same features on your store, start your free 14-day trial now in the Shopify App Store.

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Tiffany Gardner is the Marketing Director at Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters. For the last two years she’s been working on growing the company’s online website presence, and over that time, she credits Zipify Pages for having the biggest impact on performance.

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