[Case Study] One And Done! Shopify Brand’s ONLY Upsell Funnel Makes $4,125 In 30 Days (OneClickUpsell)

“Check it out… $20,000 on top of everything else we’ve already sold this year. I can’t curse, so I’m going to say that’s freaking crazy!” – Rich G.

Rich Gardner is the Co-founder of Dutch Oven Kits and a returning Zipify Brand Ambassador.

In total, Rich has made an extra $20,000 with OneClickUpsell, and the last time he was on the blog, he shared these 5 simple strategies used to boost his Shopify sales 780%.

Now he’s back to show you his latest results from his store’s one and only upsell funnel:

  • 13.96% conversion rate
  • $3.45 per visit (on 1,196 views)
  • $4,125 in total revenue added

And that’s just from the last 30 days!

Keep reading to get a behind-the-scenes look at every upsell offer Rich has in this winning funnel.


Rich's total revenue made using OneClickUpsell.


Analyzing Rich’s Greatest Upsell Funnel

Rich's upsell funnel results from the past 30 days.















The Pre-Purchase Upsell

“We got candles that we just launched this year… None of this is discounted… [customers are] paying full price for it. 7.5% conversion rate.”

When Rich first showed us his pre-purchase upsell last year, he was limited to offering only one product at a time.

Since then, OneClickUpsell has released a lot of new features and Rich’s funnel evolved.

Now, he’s offering multi-product upsells (5 items at a time) and he’s using OCU’s free-shipping bar to give customers a visual incentive for how much more they need to add to the cart to receive free shipping:

Free-shipping bar from Rich's pre-purchase upsell offer.


Plus, he’s using the new pre-purchase split-testing feature to select and optimize the winning offer:

Rich's pre-purchase upsell offer results.


Here are the results of this pre-purchase offer so far:

  • 7.45% conversion rate:
  • $2.09 per visit (on 1,865 views)
  • $3,900 total revenue added

“Everyone that goes to the checkout, [I make] an extra two bucks from them for basically doing nothing.”


The Post-Purchase Upsell

“For us… the initial shipping cost kills us. But once [customers] start adding extra stuff to their order, it scales exponentially.”

Similar to the evolution of his pre-purchase offer, Rich is now using multi-product offers, a free-shipping bar, and the split testing feature on his post-purchase upsell, too.

And since it costs Rich $18 to ship his front-end offer, his profit margin on upsell is much higher because the shipping is already paid — so increasing his AOV becomes extremely important.

“So, the more we can get them to order, the better it is for us… And even if they hit the free shipping threshold, by the time they’re 75 bucks in, it’s totally worth it for us to eat the $18 in shipping, because they’ve reached the point where it’s totally worth it for us now.”

Here’s how this winning post-purchase offer has performed so far:

  • 7.73% conversion rate:
  • $2.15 per visit (on 1,164 views)
  • $2,500 total revenue added

Rich's post-purchase upsell offer results.

For this specific funnel, Rich opted to not use a second post-purchase upsell offer, but you can always test it on your store to see how it performs.


The Downsell Offer

Last time we spoke to Rich, he wasn’t using any downsell offers either.

But over that time, he’s become a believer in the downsell, and the results he’s getting speak for themselves:

Rich's post-purchase downsell offer results.

  • 5.19% conversion rate
  • $1.10 per visit (on 1,099 views)
  • $1,209 total revenue added

“5% of [customers] take [the downsell offer]… They snap up this post-purchase downsell, extra $1.10 for anyone that sees it.”


The Thank You Page Upsell

One of the best things about OneClickUpsell is that you can optimize your offers as time goes on.

With the release of new features and split-testing capabilities, you always have new ways to tweak your offers for better results. That’s what Rich is doing right now with his Thank You Page Upsell.

Here’s how Rich’s current Thank You Page Upsell is performing:

Rich's thank you page upsell offer results.


  • 4.3% conversion rate
  • $0.22 per visit (on 1,932 views)
  • $421.84 total revenue

“We’re going to work on this probably after the holidays… we’ll optimize this some more, but I think that throughout the year, we totally nailed this upsell funnel.”


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