[Case Study] The 5 Simple Strategies Rich Used to Boost His Shopify Sales 780% (ft. Dutch Oven Kits)

“…at the end of 2020, our conversion rate was sitting around like 0.98%, less than 1%. January 1st through June, up 60%… our conversion rate was 1.37%.”

-Rich, Dutch Oven Kits Co-founder

The Zipify Team is excited to introduce you to Rich. He and his wife Carolyn are the Founders of Dutch Oven Kits

And if that brand name makes you think of sourdough bread or a big pot of soup, then think again.

These kits are something much more hilarious, and they provide a unique experience for both the sender and receiver of this, eh, gaseous gift. 

After unveiling the first Dutch Oven Kit fart blanket at a white elephant Christmas party in 2017, this couple could immediately smell a business opportunity. 

Rich and Carolyn launched their ecommerce business soon after and quickly saw strong results. Still, they wanted a way to improve site performance and increase average order value. 

That’s when Rich decided to join the Zipify family by installing Zipify Pages (ZP) and OneClickUpsell (OCU) on their Shopify store.

To learn the 5 strategies Rich used to increase 780% sales, keep reading or watch the video above.

Strategy #1 – Product Reviews (ZP)

Product reviews have become one of the best assets for influencing first-time buyers. Your product copy and images can be great, but to the prospect there’s nothing quite like hearing feedback from real customers.

That’s why Rich was so happy to see that Zipify Pages supports his preferred on-page review app.

“The end of December, January, we switched over to Zipify…
I love that it integrates with Stamped.io for our reviews”

Image of review blocks available in Zipify Pages

Wondering if Zipify Pages works with your review software? We currently integrate with Judge.me Reviews, Disqus Comments, Facebook Comments, Product Reviews by Shopify, Loox Reviews, Stamped.io Reviews, and Yotpo Reviews

Strategy #2 –  Page Templates (ZP)

Templates are the lifeblood of any page builder. If the templates fail to convert page visitors, it’s probably time to try a new builder!

That’s why most of the conversion-proven templates in Zipify Pages come from Ezra’ Firestone’s 8-figure Shopify store, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph. With these plug-and-play templates, you can build pages quickly and be confident they’ll perform.

“I love the landing pages, like for Father’s Day… it was super easy. I just copied the product template, changed some stuff targeted to Father’s Day. We’ve been using landing pages for different ads, so we can track with the new iOS updates…” 

Image of Rich's funnel with pre-purchase upsell highlighted

Strategy #3 – Pre-Purchase Upsells (OCU)

What we loved the most about Rich’s funnel was how he was using pre-purchase upsells:

[OneClickUpsell] was another app from Zipify that I’d had my eye on. A lot of this was pre-purchased and people were doing that to get the free shipping.” 

Rich incentivized customers to add the pre-purchase upsell to their cart in order to meet the free shipping threshold. This is a perfect way to offer more of the same product the customer just bought or a complementary product and boost AOV.

“They would add the soap to their order to bump up their order value to get free shipping… So if they buy our original dutch oven kit, just one day, they’re going to have to pay shipping unless they add the soap to their cart.”

Image of Rich's funnel with pre-purchase upsell highlighted

You could see a 34% conversion rate that gets us. I mean, we’re not collecting for shipping, but we are getting another product that is reusable in front of people… In the end, I would rather them not pay shipping, but include a bar so that they come back for more.”

Strategy #4 – Upsell Split Tests (OCU)

Want to know which upsell offer converts best in a specific funnel? Try split testing. 

This gives you the ability to display different upsell offers to customers that buy the same trigger product. From there, you can test the winner against a new offer and continuously iterate and make improvements. 

“We’re running a split test right now, which is also awesome. If we offer the soap gift box or we offer, you know, a second kit, what’s gonna work better right now…”

Image of Rich's funnel with split-test highlighted

Strategy #5 – Thank You Page Upsells (OCU)

If a customer doesn’t accept your normal post-purchase offers, OCU gives you one last chance to make a final pitch on the Thank You Page.  

In Rich’s funnel, his tactic was to take the same product he used in his pre-purchase offer (the Shart Wash soap) and use it on the Thank You Page, too.

And then finally at the Thank You Page, you know, if they didn’t pick up a soap at the beginning, it’s available. If they ended up ordering another kit and they didn’t get a soap for that, it gets available right at the end.”

Image of Rich's funnel with thank you page offer highlighted

The Results

Within the first 6 months of using Zipify Pages, add to cart events were up 164% with a 60% increase to the store’s overall conversion rate. 

Image of Rich's online store conversion rate on Shopify dashboard

“…Zipify Pages has been invaluable. Hands-down the best page builder for Shopify. We’ve run through a few of them, it’s hands down the best.”

Rich even generated over $1,200 in upsells in just his first month using OCU!

But yeah, OneClickUpsell, super happy with it. The total since we’ve had it is almost 1,200 bucks. Easily, easily paid for itself… No doubt in my mind that we’re going to get a ton of value out of OneClickUpsell.”

Together, Zipify Pages and OneClickUpsell combined to boost Rich’s total sales by 780% in just 6 months! 

Image of Rich's total sales on Shopify dashboard

What kind of results will you see with Zipify?

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Rich is the Co-Founder of Dutch Oven Kit, an ecommerce brand that offers a comically good time. In the last 6 months Rich has seen the total sales skyrocket 780%, and he credits this growth to Zipify.

We were excited when Rich decided to become a Zipify Brand Ambassador and share his story with other entrepreneurs in our community.

“Thanks Zipify! Thank you Smart Marketer! Y’all have been great. Really appreciate the support and look forward to working with you more.

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