New Template Roundup: Early Access Opt-In Pages, BOOM! Nectar Sale Page, Bird On The Hill User Submission (Zipify Pages)

If you need to recharge before the holiday rush or you just want a little extra “me” time, then…

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and repeat after me:

Zipify Pages has all the new templates I need.

Because we’re helping you melt away the holiday stress — and make more sales — with these 4 new templates for Zipify Pages:

  • Early Access Opt-In Page (Overtone)
  • Early Access Thank You Page (Overtone)
  • Bird On The Hill User Template
  • BOOM! Nectar/Gold Sales Page With Bundle Offer

The Early Access Opt-In & Thank You Page (Overtone)

The most profitable holiday sales leverage the high ROI of email. Opt-in pages are used in conjunction with thank you pages to build a list of email leads before the sale even starts.  

To help motivate customers to subscribe, the new Early Access Opt-In Page template uses a double cta opt-in with vibrant colors to draw attention to key elements and information:

The Early Access Opt-In Page (Overtone) template inside zipify pages.

You can see how the “sign up” button visually pops off the page because of the contrasting color scheme.

And if the color is too much for your brand, tone down the color pallet and continue to keep your button the most prominent element on the page.

Once the customers subscribe, they’re shown the Early Access Thank You Page:

The Early Access Thank You Page (Overtone) template inside zipify pages.

Take notice of how these templates aren’t long-form — that’s because they’re designed to quickly and clearly communicate the opt-in opportunity and nothing more.

Viewers can subscribe fast and go about their day, just like you can quickly build this page and go about yours.

The BOOM! Nectar/Gold Sales Page

The next template is a bundle sales page that comes directly from our 9-figure Shopify brand, and it’s designed to get customers to purchase both of the featured items on the page together.

Once they land on this page, customers are introduced to the ongoing sale and your best offer:

The BOOM! Nectar/Gold Sales Page template showing the above the fold view.

This design approach is perfect when you have best-selling products customers are waiting to go on sale.

This layout gives them direct access to add the bundle to their cart and proceed to purchase — all from the top of the page.

And for the customer who needs more information about the products they’re being offered before buying, they just have to scroll down to see exactly what they’re looking for:

The BOOM! Nectar/Gold Sales Page template with product content and information section shown.

The rest of the page is dedicated to educating customers on the products leveraging videos, images, testimonials and a flipped design to communicate the benefits of the bundle offer:

The BOOM! Nectar/Gold Sales Page template with customer testimonials and additional content shown. 

The Bird On The Hill User Submitted Template

Our final template is a user submission from Bird on the Hill.

After having great success with their sales pages, Bird on the Hill was awesome enough to share their winning template with all our users in the Zipify Community:

The Bird On The Hill user submitted template inside zipify pages.

This template is packed with essential performance elements and features that make it feel like you’re getting a full service at the spa, including:

  • Multiple call-to-action buttons
  • Customer testimonials
  • Buy box with carousel
  • Unique selling propositions
  • Limited time offers
  • On-page opt-in form and more!

With these four templates, it’s easier than ever to launch a new product or run a sale and have the templates published and ready to go from start to finish.

So if you’re not a Zipify Pages user yet, then treat yourself to the page builder that takes away all the stress and guesswork from running your next marketing campaign.

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I’m Brittany — thanks for checking out this latest round-up!

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