New Bundle Builder For Zipify Pages: The Mix-and-Match Bundle Block!

We just cooked up a new way to create custom bundles inside Zipify Pages…

Say bonjour, to the new: Mix-and-Match Bundle block!

Now you can combine up to 3 products to create a new bundle and offer tiered discounts that change based on the number of products your customers add to cart.

And just like a chef, you can mix-and-match your bundle ingredients, craft the perfect presentation, and roast the competition while doing it!

Working With The Mix-and-Match Bundle Block

First, locate the Mix-and-Match Bundle block inside the Block Library:

Then, choose up to 3 products you want included in your bundle offer. Try different combinations to test for the best results:

Your chosen products will appear in the Product Tab where you can make additional customizations individually or in bulk:

In this section, you can:

  • Set your discount
  • Specify the product variant
  • Establish tiered discount percentages
  • Drag and drop product positions
  • Review additional product actions

Once completed, move onto the Product View tab to customize the Layout view of the offered products

Next, go to the Layout tab and modify the appearance of the entire buy box:

When back in the page builder, click-on (or hover over) the elements of the Mix-and-Match Bundle block to continue making edits.

This includes modifying the appearance of product variants, text fields, images, and more:

The Customer Experience On The Published Page

On the live page, customers will be presented with your finished bundle block.

Customers aren’t required to accept all 3 products in the bundle — and instead, they can toggle the items they do want from the bundle to build their own product.

And with tiered discounts, they can see how pricing and discounts update to their toggled selection

Tiered discounts encourage customers to add more items to their cart for a higher discount, and it helps them budget with real-time price updates!

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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