New Feature Roundup: Image Destinations, QR Codes, and Sticky Block Updates (Zipify Pages)

In this roundup, we’re discussing 3 new features for Zipify Pages that give our users greater flexibility over their website navigation and easier page preview on mobile:

  • Product Image Destination
  • Improved Sticky Block Logic
  • QR Code Page Preview

Keep reading to find out how these 3 features are making your work-life way easier.

#1 Product Image Destination

With this new product image destination feature, you can now control where customers are directed after clicking on a buy box’s product image.

When selecting the Product/Variant Image layout for your buy box, users are presented with this destination option in the builder’s left-side panel:The product/variant image destination drop-down for buy box blocks inside Zipify Pages.

Users can decide if they want to inherit the same destination from the buy box button or select a new destination like a product page, Zipify block, or CRM.

A great way to use this new feature is to set the image destination to ZP Blog Post. Then when your customers click on the image, a blog post about the product they are currently viewing will open in a separate window.

#2 Improved Sticky Block Logic

The more blocks we build with a sticky feature option, the better. That’s why we improved the sticky block logic for all Header Blocks inside Zipify Pages.

Now every header in the app includes 1 of 3 different scrolling actions for each device type:

  • Scrolls with Page (Default)
  • Fixed on Screen (Sticky)
  • Appears on Scroll Up

The sticky scroll actions for Header blocks inside Zipify Pages.

This adds a whole new level of flexibility over how you set up your navigation.

For example, you could make the header remain fixed on desktop and have it set to only appear on scroll up for mobile — a popular option that preserves valuable mobile real estate.

We’ll be adding more sticky logic like this to other blocks in the future too, not just headers…

So keep an eye out for those future updates!

#3 QR Code Page Preview

Next, we added a new QR code feature to the Zipify Pages builder that makes it easy to preview the mobile version of your pages.

Clicking on the QR icon will display the QR code:

The QR code mobile preview for pages created in Zipify Pages.

Scan the code with your phone’s camera, click the link, and your Zipify page will appear on your mobile browser instantly.

This feature grants you a direct line to your mobile page preview and makes it much easier and faster to make mobile-ready updates to your page.

We Want To Hear From You!

Give these 3 new features a try today, then let us know what to build next inside Zipify Pages using the in-app Feature Request form.

And please do us a huge favor and leave an honest review in the Shopify App Store. It helps us create winning relationships with other new feature lovers just like you.

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I’m Brittany — thanks for checking out this latest round-up!

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