New Dynamic Checkout Button For Zipify Pages (Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal & More!)

When customers shop your online store, it’s sort of similar to them waiting in line for their favorite ride.

They arrive at your site and land on your products, but then… they have to do a bunch of extra steps before they can complete their purchase. Bummer! 

And we’re sure most of them would love a fast pass to checkout, saving them that extra time and effort.

So, to help reduce their standby time and usher them to the front of the line — we just released The Dynamic Checkout Button.

The dynamic checkout button from the Buy Box block inside the zipify pages app.

This feature works directly with Shopify’s dynamic checkout button setup, allowing you to display some of the most popular accelerated checkout buttons like Apple PayGoogle PayPayPal, and more! 

The accelerated checkout pop-up for Paypal showing on the product page.

4 Reasons to Start Using the Dynamic Checkout Button

Improved User Experience

By making the buying experience easier and faster, customers will be more inclined to complete their purchases. With the dynamic checkout button appearing right on the sales page, there’s no need to go to the Cart or separate Checkout pages to complete the order.

Reduced Cart Abandonment

When you make the checkout process more streamlined, abandoned carts will begin to happen less frequently. That’s because the majority of customers who use the dynamic checkout button are pretty much “sold” on buying the product already, including knowing they’re using an accelerated payment method.  

Increased Conversion Rate

Through the combination of a better user experience, faster checkout, and purchase-minded customers — conversions are bound to perform better. Shortly after adding a dynamic checkout button to your page, you’ll likely start to notice an increase in your conversion rate, too!

Competitive Advantage

Believe it or not, there are a good amount of sites not leveraging the dynamic checkout button, including some of the larger well-known brands. It could be that they don’t know about dynamic checkout buttons or they’re using a page-builder without this functionality — maybe they still haven’t discovered Zipify Pages yet…

Either way, that’s a competitive advantage for you if you have them!

Enabling and Updating the Dynamic Checkout Button  

The new dynamic checkout button feature is available for the following 5 buy boxes:

  • The Buy Box
  • Buy Box with Cross-sell
  • Product Listing 1
  • Product Listing 3
  • The Dynamic Product Section

By default, the dynamic checkout button is disabled but can be easily switched on within a matter of moments.

After selecting your product for one of the buy boxes mentioned above, head over to the Layout section and search for the Dynamic Checkout switcher:

The dynamic buy box layout section with emphasis on the dynamic checkout switcher.

Clicking on the switcher will add the dynamic checkout button under the add to cart button:

The dynamic buy box layout section with the dynamic checkout button feature turned on.

Next, go back to the builder and click on the dynamic button to open its display options — you’ll have the choice between a Dynamic or Static appearance.

The Dynamic option will inherit the button design of whichever third-party accelerated checkout method you have enabled in Shopify:

The dynamic design option for the dynamic checkout button showing inside the zipify pages builder.

The Static option lets you customize the dynamic checkout button to match your brand’s look and feel. You have the option to update the:

  • Fonts
  • Hover State
  • Call To Action
  • Button Type, Shape, and more!

The static design option for the dynamic checkout button showing inside the zipify pages builder.

With whichever option you choose, you’ll have a full-functioning dynamic checkout button that makes the buying process more enjoyable

(And that’s a memory your customers will come back to enjoy over and over again!)

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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