Interested In Partnerships? These Co-Branded Upsells Convert at 20% (OCU Case Study)

“I want to show you a quick and easy way that we use OneClickUpsell for our limited edition items.”
– Jason M., Grill Your Ass Off Owner

Making his return to the Zipify Blog…

It’s the seasoned Zipify vet and Owner of Grill Your Ass Off: Jason Murff!

The last time we spoke with Jason, he was using Zipify Pages to launch inside 1,000 retail locations across the United States.

Now, his Texas-made brand of seasonings, sauces, and jerky just collaborated with Pulp Mx to release a limited edition queso dip.

And to increase his queso sales, Jason planned on upselling customers throughout their purchase journey:

“We want to make sure that we maximize on every single sale coming through because those are all gonna be their audience coming to our website… we want to increase our average order value… So, we utilize OneClickUpsell.”

After launching this limited edition sale and generating over 124 funnel views, Jason’s primary post-purchase upsell is now converting at 20.56%!

“The conversion rates are great, revenue’s great.”

See how Jason built his high-converting upsell funnel in this new case study for OneClickUpsell:

Jason’s Limited Edition Upsell Funnel

The Pre-Purchase Offer

Kicking off the Grill Your Ass Off and Pulp Mx product mashup, we have the first upsell offer in the funnel: The Multi-Product Pre-Purchase Upsell.

As customers proceed to Checkout with Jason’s limited edition queso in the cart, they’re presented with 5 different upsells they can add to their order:

The Pre-purchase Upsell Offer, showing 5 different options.

The strategy Jason used for selecting the items in this offer is simple…

“We want the add on items inside of the cart to be something that they can just tack on… whether it’s to get them free shipping or it’s just items that they like, but it’s going to be brand associated.”

Jason is offering products that easily stack up to meet his free shipping threshold while increasing his brand awareness.

“…Like our magnets… or our instant-read thermometer, or stickers. It’s that brand association that they’re going to continue to see long past this purchase.”

The Post-Purchase Offers

Once the initial purchase is complete, Jason creates his go-to upsell offer:

“Our number one thing post-purchase is always the same item that they just bought. So we’re offering them another jar, no additional shipping, 15% off.”

The Post-purchase Upsell Offer

He then creates two follow-up offers that show once customers accept or decline the first upsell.

“Our best performing [upsells] across the board… our post-purchase upsell offer number two and our downsell offer… our digital download of the cookbook.”

By offering a digital download as the Upsell Offer #2 and the Downsell Offer, Jason is guaranteeing this item is viewed before customers reach the Confirmation page.

And every digital cookbook is an extra $4.99 in pure profit!

“[The] beautiful thing is it’s digital, it doesn’t cost us anything. So it’s pure profit at this point.”

The Thank You Page Offer

Lastly, Jason adds his most popular Thank You page offer that he’s tested across multiple funnels.

“And then again across the board from testing over, you know, 50 different sales funnels, we offer them our Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt at an incredible discount”

The Thank You Page Offer

Results of the Limited Edition Upsell Funnel

The Pre-Purchase Offer

“We did get some decent sales on the Instant Read Thermometers, which is a… high[ly] profitable item for us.”

Getting another brand’s audience to purchase your products is a tall order — but that’s the challenge Jason faced with Pulp Mx.

And considering this, his pre-purchase offer did well and it will continue to improve.

Here’s how his Pre-Purchase Offer stacked up:

  • 2.42% Conversion Rate
  • $59.97 Revenue
  • $0.48 Rev./Per Visit

The Pre-purchase Upsell Offer Results

The Post-Purchase Offers

As the primary upsell and headliner, the additional queso dip with 15% off was the most successful offer in the entire funnel.

“You can see here we actually had a 20.5% conversion rate on the queso for them to buy another one at 15% off, which is huge for us as well.”

Here’s how his Post-Purchase Offer stacked up:

  • 20.56% Conversion Rate
  • $253.13 Revenue
  • $2.38 Rev./Per Visit

Following the second queso dip, we have the digital cookbooks — each with fair conversion rates in the second upsell and downsell offer positions.

The Post-purchase Offer Results

The Thank You Page Offer

“Following up with our Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt on our Thank You page, which is a higher-profiting item… We’re able to do a little bit of a deeper discount and carry that through.”

Here’s how Jason’s Thank You Page Offer performed:

  • 6.62% Conversion Rate
  • $30.80 Revenue
  • $0.35 Rev./Per Visit

The Thank You Page Offer Results

On his first collaboration with Pulp Mx, Jason made an extra $300 in upsell revenue with a simple upsell funnel…

And on top of that, he was able to use the limited edition release as a lead generator for his brand. Everyone who purchased the Pulp Mx queso is now on his email list, so Jason can continue marketing to them after the sale.

“[Our next effort] goes into [our automated email] system to get them to buy again.

And then whenever they buy again, they’re going to get one of our regular products and go through one of our regular OneClickUpsell funnels.”

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