(Case Study) How Busy Baby Averages 11x ROI with OCU Plus

Busy Baby is an amazing children’s brand that sells interactive placemats for babies.

If the name “Busy Baby” sounds familiar to you — well, that’s because they were featured by Shark Tank, BuzzFeed, and People Magazine to name a few.

But while the publicity has been great for brand recognition and generating new customers…

Like most brand owners, Beth from Busy Baby knows that a customer’s first order is often the least profitable. So to help her scale, Beth was looking for a way to capture more revenue and extra profit on every purchase.

That’s where OneClickUpsell comes in…

In the short time since installing the app and upgrading to OCU Plus, Beth is now generating thousands in additional revenue (every month!) with an average ROI of 11x!

Keep reading to see exactly how Beth uses OCU to make more money — and how you can do the same thing for your brand, too.

What happened when Busy Baby first installed OCU?

In her search for a way to increase Busy Baby’s revenue, boost AOV, and generate a larger return on ad-spend — Beth discovered OCU:

The OCU sales page in the Shopify App Store.

After installing the app and building a few funnels, she noticed an immediate impact. In a very short time, orders with upsells had a 56.3% higher AOV than orders without.

The first funnels Beth built brought in thousands of dollars in extra revenue — but she wondered if doing everything herself was leaving money on the table.

So Beth decided to schedule a free consultation with the OCU Plus TeamThe "book a demo" form for OCU Plus.

And she learned about the benefits of upgrading to OCU Plus:

  • Done-for-you setup where the OCU Plus team builds your upsell funnels for you
  • Concierge management so you always have an expert to optimize your funnels
  • Priority support so you get to skip the line whenever you need an answer

How did things change for Busy Baby after upgrading to OCU Plus?

Concierge Management

As OCU Plus members, Busy Baby was appointed their very own OCU Plus Success Manager, Karina.

Karina is the point of contact for OCU Plus strategy and our expert funnel builder with years of data from thousands of online stores at her disposal.

Since taking over their funnels, Karina has helped Busy Baby average 11x ROI a month.

In addition to the extra revenue, Beth instantly got a ton of time back by handing over their funnel management to Karina.

“As a business owner, I have a million other things to do on a daily basis, and having Karina do the testing and optimize the offers for us is amazing.”

Expert Funnel Building and Strategies

Karina’s first mission as Busy Baby’s success manager was to create highly optimized funnels for their site.

She started by finding upsell offers to complement what Beth’s customers were already buying.

For example: when a customer purchased Beth’s hero product, the Busy Baby Silicone Placemat

Karina presented them with a multi-product upsell that included relevant products from that same collection, like the Busy Baby Bottle Bungee:

Busy Baby's multi-product upsell that includes complimentary products to the Busy Baby Silicone Placemat.

This strategy ensured that every upsell Beth’s customers saw during checkout was useful and added to their enjoyment of the hero product.

As a result, Beth’s top upsell offer was converting at a sky-high 18.82%!

Advanced Split Testing

Another benefit of being an OCU Plus member is you get our team of experts to do all your split testing for you.

By leveraging 6 years of user data gathered from thousands of Shopify stores, our OCU Plus team knows how to build effective split tests that continue to improve over time. And the results can surprise you…

For example: Would you believe Busy Baby’s customers actually prefer a smaller discount?

It’s true! In fact, Karina discovered multiple upsells that converted higher when she reduced the discount from 25 to 20% — for the identical product.

Busy Baby's post-purchase split test results with the discounts displayed.

You can get wins like this more often (and faster!) when you have an experienced upsell expert like Karina to rigorously optimize your upsells for you.

And Karina’s expertise pays for itself – Beth sees an average ROI of 11x per month, without lifting a finger!

Beth from Busy Baby's quote about OCU Plus and OCU Concierge Management.

Want us to build and optimize your upsells, too?

Schedule a free demo and we’ll walk you through the benefits of OCU Plus.

If you’re on Shopify Plus, you can apply to join our enterprise tier membership, where you’ll get:

  • Done-for-you setup, where all of your upsell funnels are built by OCU’s team of experts
  • Concierge management, including continued optimization and growth strategies from your designated Account Manager
  • Priority support and live chat for Plus merchants from our team of Shopify experts whenever you need it

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