[Case Study] How Chuckie G. Made $788,352 In Upsells… In Just One Year! (OneClickUpsell)

 “You can see it works! $788,000 in extra revenue generated, and I think it has only been on the store for maybe a year.”
– Chuckie Gregory, Founder of Club Earlybird


This is Chuckie, Founder of Club Earlybird.

Club Earlybird sells a nutritional morning cocktail that helps you wake up feeling energized and ready to “get s*** done.”

And in just 12 months or so, he’s used OneClickUpsell to make $788,352 in extra revenue for his Shopify store.

Check out the video (or keep reading!) to learn how Chuckie is leveraging OCU’s pre-purchase upsells for a 6-figure payday and a game-changing boost in his AOV.

Club EarlyBird’s Best Selling Product

The EarlyBird Starter Kit - FREE Cocktail Shaker$29, FREE Shipping$12, and FREE E-Book $39.
First, let’s introduce you to Club Earlybird’s main product: the EarlyBird Morning Cocktail.

It’s the core offer they use to acquire new customers, and it’s product responsible for their #1 upsell funnel.

The package includes a 45 serving tub of the morning cocktail, a cocktail shaker, an ebook and free shipping. They offer subscriptions too — but only as post-purchase upsells, so they don’t add any extra friction points to the front end.

Now, let’s dive into a few statistics from this upsell funnel.

$72,000 In Upsells From The Last 30 Days

Take a look at the upsell funnel for the Early Morning Cocktail:

One Click Upsell app dashboard showing $72,601.51 in revenue for the last 30 days.

It generated $72,601 in just the last 30 days — but what’s really interesting is where the money is coming from…

  • Post-purchase Upsells = $5,095.51
  • Post-purchase Downsells = $10,577.66
  • Pre-purchase Upsells = $56,928.41

Most of the upsell revenue — 78.4% to be specific — is coming from Chuckie’s pre-purchase offer!

This is why we asked Chuckie to walk us through his pre-purchase offer and explain the super smart discounting model he’s using to make it so successful.


Earlybird’s Pre-purchase Upsell

When a customer adds the Early Morning Cocktail to their order, Chuckie triggers this pre-purchase upsell offer:Club Earlybird's prepurchase offer of 1 bonus tub for 45% off.

For the next three minutes, customers can add 1 bonus tub to their order for 45% off the regular price.

And after nearly 4,000 views, this offer has a combined conversion rate of 30% between his two most recent split tests.

Here’s how the pre-purchase funnel looks inside OneClickUpsell:

One Click Upsell's funnel builder showing the current split test of their pre-purchase offer.

That 30% conversion rate is adding a huge $11–$12 increase to Club Earlybird’s average order value per visit.

“It’s adding 11 to $12 an AOV, which is huge, especially in this day and age with how expensive it is to acquire customers. 

$12 an AOV is just monster — and that’s just from the pre-purchase offer.”

Chuckie’s Super Smart Pricing Model for Upsells

It might be obvious, but one of the reasons this upsell has such a high take rate is the 45% discount — because of course if you’re willing to pay $68 for the first tub, then buying $38 for a second tub is a screaming deal.

But how can Earlybird afford to offer a 45% discount and still make a profit? 

Because Chuckie was smart enough to structure his upsell so that both the $38 bonus tub and $68 front end offer have the same profit margin! If someone buys a second tub, they don’t receive two shakers or twice the bonuses included in the front-end offer — plus it adds very little to the cost of shipping.

So the perceived value is much higher than the actual cost, and both sides get a great deal.

Post-Purchase Upsell #1: Monthly Subscriptions

After a customer completes their purchase, Chuckie offers two additional post-purchase upsells in this same OCU funnel.

The first upsell is a subscription to the Early Morning Cocktail: 

One Click Upsell's split-test of their first post-purchase offer of a monthly subscription.

(Don’t let the total revenue fool you. It’s only $0 because the customer is subscribing to future shipments!)

Together, these two split tests have been seen by over 6,000 customers and they have a combined conversion rate of over 10%.

That means Chuckie is getting 1 in 10 people to buy a subscription who had zero intent to sign up for one when they started this funnel.

And most importantly, he can never lose a single sale by making this extra offer because the transaction is already completed!

Post-Purchase Upsell #2: The Cross-Sell

The second post-purchase upsell they see after the subscription offer is a cross-sell for Chuckie’s other core products:

One Click Upsell's split-test of their second post-purchase offer between a sleep supplement and alternate flavor of morning cocktail.

In this case, he is split-testing a sleep supplement against a new flavor of the Early Morning Cocktail:

Earlybird Night Cap sleep supplement and Earlybird Morning Cocktail in Pink Guava Colada flavor.

(You can see from the split-test results, that the conversion rate is nearly twice as high for Pink Guava Colada — but notice that the revenue per visitor is about the same for both, so he’ll be running a follow-up test soon to find a new winner.)

But even at this stage in the funnel…

When Chuckie’s already offered a pre-purchase bonus tub and a post-purchase monthly subscription — this second post-purchase upsell is still making Club Earlybird almost $12,000 in extra revenue.

The Downsell: Step 5

And finally, to complete his 6-figure upsell funnel…

Chuckie added one final post-purchase downsell that offers his customers whichever of the two products they didn’t see in the split test above.

And this final offer still has a 9% conversion rate and has made his store an additional $2,511:

One Click Upsell's downsell offer showing the Earlybird Night Cap sleep supplement.

Want to See More of Chuckie’s Top OCU Funnels?

You just got a walkthrough of the 5-step evergreen funnel that Club Earlybird uses to acquire most of their customers.

But you can also watch the video above for bonus content where Chuckie breaks down more of his recent wins with OneClickUpsell, including:

  • Most recent product launch funnel
  • Amazon Prime-style memberships
  • And the ridiculously smart “So bad, it’s good!” upsell

That last bullet is a must see if you’ve ever had something terrible happen during product development.

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This is Jeff — thanks for reading!



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