[Case Study] Deyvi M. just made $511,901 with OCU—and he only used these two funnels to do it! (OneClickUpsell)

“We’ve been around one year on the market, and we have generated half-a-million dollars just thanks to OCU.”
Deyvi M.

Deyvi Mardelli is one of our newest Zipify Brand Ambassadors.

In one year, Deyvi made $511,901 in extra upsell revenue with OCU.

That’s 15–20% of his total sales — and he did it using just two post-purchase flows!

Get a behind the scenes look at Deyvi’s 6-figure upsell funnels in this new post:

Deyvi M.’s OCU Revenue and Stats

Here are the only two funnels Deyvi is using on his Shopify store:


Funnel #1 is Deyvi’s main post-purchase offer with over 50,000 views. Here are the stats:

  • Total Views: 52,898
  • Conversion Rate: 25.64%
  • Total Revenue: $356,188
  • Revenue Per Visit: $6.73

Funnel #2 has been running for a shorter period of time with less than 10% of the views as the funnel #1, but the stats are still impressive:

  • Total Views: 3,994
  • Conversion Rate: 22.48%
  • Total Revenue: $34,950
  • Revenue Per Visit: $8.75

Month over month, Deyvi has consistently kept his conversion rates above 20% by using OCU’s built-in split testing feature:

“I’m always A/B testing when I start to create the funnels, and after one to two months […] I can have over 20% conversion and make +$5 per visit.”

And the extra $6–$8 he makes each time someone sees these offers accumulated to hundreds of thousands of dollars for his brand.

The Higher Profit Margins of Post-purchase Upsells

There’s more to Deyvi’s success story than a half-million dollars in extra sales, though…

That’s because the revenue you make from your post-purchase offers actually has a higher profit margin than your initial sale:

“I’m not going to say 100% of what is coming from [OCU] is profit — but maybe 70% of what’s coming here is profit for our margins, because we already have paid for the sale.”

The profit margin on your initial sale is reduced by all the money you spend on advertising and shipping…

But any extra sales you make on the back end with OCU’s post-purchase or Thank You page upsells typically only costs the actual costs of goods.

Whatever your sale price is minus the cost of goods (plus shipping, if applicable) goes straight to you!

(That also means it’s more affordable to offer greater discounts on your upsells than on your front-end offers, so you increase your conversion rate even more.)

“This Is The Best Way To Do Ecommerce.”

Lastly, Deyvi shared a quick story with us to illustrate how easy it is for Shopify merchants to win with OCU:

A few weeks before he filmed this ambassador video, Deyvi was working behind the scenes on his store, and he duplicated a few of his products.

Later, when he returned to check on their performance, he saw that revenue was way down.

“I was like, ‘Hey, what’s happening here?’

Then checking everything step by step, I realized that on my funnel I didn’t include this product as a trigger.”

All Deyvi had to do was flip a switch and turn OCU back on for the duplicated product — and just like that…

His revenue jumped and their performance went back to normal.

For Deyvi, it really was that easy.


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