5 Ways to Increase Your Holiday Sales with OneClickUpsell

Want to make some extra sales this holiday season?

Your Black Friday sale may be over, but December is a huge money-making opportunity for ecommerce merchants.

Even if you had a record-breaking Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, you can still make a sleighful of extra sales with these 5 holiday upsells for OneClickUpsell:

#1 The On-Page Widget

With the new On-page Widget, OCU users can now offer up to 8 additional upsells right inside their native Shopify Buy Box:

The OCU on-page widget

Customers can scroll through your products, select different variant combinations, and even create their own holiday bundles with a single click by toggling items in and out of their cart.

That makes this feature great for increasing your average order value and getting shoppers to view more products.

You can also go into the Shopify theme editor and reposition these on-page offers by moving the widget around the buy box for a different look.

To learn more about this new feature, view the help section on the On-Page Widget.

#2 The Multi-Product Pre-Purchase Upsell

This pre-checkout offer can appear on your Product Page or Cart Page, and it’s a proven way to get your customers to add extra items to their cart.

That’s because it features this interactive progress bar that rewards your customers for spending more money:

The Multi-Product Pre-Purchase Upsell offer with incentive bar.

The more items a customer adds to their cart, the closer they get to reaching the next incentive.

You can offer tiered discounts in dollars or a percentage off—or you can offer free shipping—and the progress bar gamifies the shopping experience so it’s more interactive for your customers.

Plus, if you don’t already offer free shipping during your holiday sale, then this feature is a great way to do it without lowering your profit margin.

To learn more about this new feature, view the help section on Multi-Product Pre-Purchase Upsells.

#3 The Post-Purchase Dynamic Offer

The best-selling upsell of all time is one where you offer the customer one more of whatever they just bought.

But offering the same product again is tricky when the customer has multiple products in their cart, which is why we created the post-purchase dynamic offer:

The Post-Purchase Dynamic Offer inside the OCU app

This upsell recognizes the items in a customer’s cart, and then chooses which item to upsell based on whatever priority you set.

These offers dynamically change to fit each unique customer depending on what they’re shopping for, but you only need to set it up once and forget about it.

To learn more about this new feature, view the help section on Post-Purchase Dynamic Offers.

#4 Thank You Page Offers in Shopify’s Shop App

OneClickUpsell has always offered Thank You Page upsells for your Shopify store…

But now OCU users just became the only merchants in the world who can offer Thank You Page upsells on the Shop app, too!

Thank You Page Offers in Shopify’s Shop App with offer page preview.

Thanks to our new partnership with Shopify, this feature adds a whole new revenue stream for your store this holiday season, and enabling this new offer type in the OCU app can be as easy as flipping a switch.

As the only post-purchase upsell offered in Shopify’s Shop app, OCU is giving you a direct competitive advantage at no additional cost to you.

To learn more about this new feature, view the help section on Thank You Page Offers in Shop App.

#5 In-Checkout Offers for Shopify Plus Stores

If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, you have access to Shopify’s new checkout extensibility feature that allows 3rd party apps to work on the Shopify Checkout.

And with OCU’s new In-Checkout feature, now you can make an additional upsell offer while your customers are checking out— resulting in more holiday sales!

The OCU In-Checkout Offer showing inside the Shopify checkout.

These offers can appear on the Shopify Checkout and on the Shop App Checkout when eligible to sell in the app.

With one click, customers can add this in-checkout offer to their cart and see the price adjusted instantly — and it’s a free upgrade for all Shopify Plus users!

To learn more about this new feature, view the help section on In-Checkout offers.

These 5 money-making features for OCU have made it easier than ever to boost your sales this holiday season — and we think that’s the best gift your Shopify store can get!

Want To Boost Your Holiday Performance Even Further?

If you’re on Shopify Plus… you can boost your holiday revenue even more by joining OCU Plus. That’s OCU’s highest-level tier for Plus stores where you get exclusive benefits like concierge onboarding, priority support, and a personal Account Manager to build and optimize your upsells for you.

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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