Attention Amazon Sellers: Start Running Discount Promotions with Booster Page

Attention Amazon Sellers: Start Running Discount Promotions with Booster Page


Hey, Jeff Wenberg here with a big update for Amazon sellers.

We recently rolled out an add-on to Zipify Pages called Booster Page.

Booster Page is a tool that allows Amazon sellers to easily run discount promotions for their products by utilizing Amazon’s one-time use coupon codes.

This allows you to bring in outside traffic to your listing, increasing sales, reviews and conversion rate…

Which are the 3 main factors that impact your BSR and raise your listing in the search results.

Let’s take a closer look at how to do this Booster Page.


Before Booster Page, it was a pain to run a discount promotion for your Amazon products.

You needed to build multiple landing pages, get them custom coded and designed, and then make sure these pages played well with your website.

Now with Booster Page, all this is built into one awesome tool. It starts with 2 beautiful, tested-and-proven landing pages.

First, you drive traffic to your Opt-In Page where a visitor lands to get their coupon code.

Amazon doesn’t offer a way for sellers to collect customer emails, meaning you can’t follow up to close a sale, or contact people with content or future promotions. But using Booster Page, you can now collect emails and build your list.

And the Opt-In Page doesn’t just collect emails — it also dynamically shows how many coupons are left, using scarcity to create urgency to encourage opt-ins…

Plus, if a visitor lands on your page and you have given out all your one-time use coupons, this page allows them to opt in for future promotions… So you still capture the lead.


Now that your prospect has opted in for the discount, they land on the second landing page — the Thank You Page — where you deliver their one-time use coupon.

The page has a dynamically inserted one-time use code (which can’t be copied, so your inventory is safe).

This Thank You Page template also has visual instructions showing your new lead how to finish their purchase using their one-time use code.


Booster Page makes it a snap to launch and maintain an Amazon promotion without the headache of maintaining multiple tools and systems.

Booster Page is available to all Zipify Pages Plus users.

Not a user yet? Just go to and sign up today!

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