Announcing: Two New Holiday Sale Templates!

Announcing: Two New Holiday Sale Templates!


Happy holidays everyone! And to add to the season’s festive spirit, we’re excited to announce a new two-part holiday sale template, featuring two pages:

1. Holiday Bundle Sales Page 1
2. Holiday Bundle Sales Page 2

Together, these two templates increased our average order value from $77 to $127 during our 2017 Holiday Sale.

They make it easy to leverage bundles and built-in upsells on your sales pages — and they’re going to make you a ton more revenue from your campaigns.


Holiday Bundle Sales Page 1: We use this landing page to promote a 25-30% discount on our Holiday Bundles.

Below our bundles, we include product blocks for some of our most popular sellers, and promote increasing discounts for these products in bundles of 2, 3 and 4 items.

The call to action for each of these products brings them to this second template:

Holiday Bundle Sales Page 2: We’ve used this template to set up a bundle offer page for each of our top-selling products from page one.

This page offers bundles of 2, 3 or 4 products, as well as some written content about the product.

Using this template, it’s now possible for each product to have its own bundle offer page, all from within the same sale campaign.


Our new strategy of retailing in bundles increased our average order value $50 per customer!

And these two new Zipify Pages templates make it easy to add a similar bundle offer to your next sale.

Watch the video to get started with these two new templates (and even see how we optimized these pages for mobile traffic).

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