[Case Study] Why Loretta of “Lit Curls” Turns to Zipify Pages for Her Homepages & Product Pages

“As I grew in my business, I began to realize that I wanted my website to do all sorts of things, and I wanted it to look in different ways than what the themes could provide.” 

– Loretta Lancaster, Founder of Lit Curls



Meet Loretta: she’s the Founder of Lit Curls, a brand that offers a special 3-step curling system for natural hair.


Before Loretta discovered Zipify Pages, she felt her website and product presentation was being held back.


Keep reading to find out what she did about it!

Challenges Loretta Faced Before Zipify Pages

Before she started doing them herself, Loretta would outsource minor site adjustments to developers.


If she wanted to make an update, she’d have to wait for the developer to be available, on top of covering the costs. 


I found a developer and made little tweaks to my site, but… you’re going to need some things to make your store really show up the way you want it to, so that your customers will trust you and believe you, and then purchase from you.” 


When Loretta tried to improve her site using only a Shopify theme, she was unhappy with the lack of control and the customizable options she was given. 


“When I first began my ecommerce Shopify store in 2020… I didn’t realize the themes that were available for your Shopify store… were so limited.”


When you combine the long-drawn-out process of outsourcing with the limitations of Shopify themes, it’s easy to understand Loretta’s desire to find a tool that would display her brand the way she envisioned it.


But now, with Zipify Pages in her toolbox, she’s feeling confident about the direction of her brand!


Oh my goodness. Zipify Pages is the best thing that ever happened to your Shopify store if you don’t already know about it.


Loretta’s Top 2 Pages To Leverage Using Zipify Pages 


Two of the pages Loretta loves to leverage through Zipify Pages are the Homepage and Product Page

Loretta’s Homepage

When I first found my Shopify store, I didn’t realize how important it was to actually be able to control two major things… The first thing is the way your Homepage looks.


The Homepage is one of your major traffic destinations. Not only is it the face of your site, it also ranks the highest in Google when your brand is searched. 


Inside Zipify Pages, there are a ton of Homepage templates that can be tailored to any brand, including industry-specific templates that have their own conversion-proven layouts and features


These templates — as well as the easy-to-use page builder — have helped Loretta reach her goals.


In the beginning, you just want to get started and that’s not a bad thing. But  when you realize that you need something a little bit better than the typical theme… consider Zipify Pages, it will change the whole entire direction of your Shopify store in terms of the look of your Homepage.


ZP Pro Tip: If you want to rank higher in Google without paid traffic, use the Proven Profitable Homepage Template! 


Loretta’s Product Pages

The other places that I’m using Zipify Pages are on my actual product pages. Oh man, this is so important. Themes are very limited in terms of what you can put on your Product Pages.


Here’s what Loretta can now leverage on her Product Pages through Zipify Pages:


  • BOOM Store Header (Dynamic Block)
  • Cross-sells
  • Image & Video Carousel 
  • Opt-in Forms
  • 3rd-party Reviews
  • Mobile Sticky Button
  • HTML Embeds
  • Countdown Timer 
  • CTA Buttons & Many, Many More! 


These elements give Loretta more control over her pages than she could’ve imagined, helping her bring her brand voice to life. 


And one of the things that makes it really, really important to understand is that your customers can’t look at your products in person, so you need to use all the tools possible to get them to trust you and buy from your store.


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