New Feature: Use Your Theme’s Header and Footer with Zipify Pages

New Feature: Use Your Shopify Theme’s Header & Footer with Zipify Pages!


It Only Takes a Few Clicks

  1. From inside the Zipify Pages app in your Shopify store, open the page on which you want to use your theme’s header and footer
  2. Delete the current header and footer from the page.
  3. Click the “Page Settings” icon in the upper left, and click on “Layout”
  4. Then click on the slider for “Use theme header/footer”

Once you click SAVE, Zipify Pages will now automatically sync that page with your stores header and footer.

(You can also sync any custom fonts you use in your theme with a Zipify page by clicking on the SETTINGS tab inside the app and selecting “SYNCHRONIZE FONTS”.)

Plus in this video I reveal the next really amazing new feature we’ll be rolling out next week: The ability to make any Zipify page your home page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this brand new feature!

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