Want Extra Holiday Revenue in 2022? Increase Shopify Sales 10–15% with One-click Upsells

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If you want to compete in today’s crowded marketplace, then your Shopify store needs upsells.

Increase Shopify revenue 10-15% during the holidays with OneClickUpsell

Upsells increase your average order value, allowing you to spend more to acquire a customer while still turning a profit on your marketing campaigns — this is especially important during the holidays. 


At OneClickUpsell, we’ve helped over 13,000 Shopify merchants (2,000 being Plus stores) generate $406 million in extra revenue by empowering them to make additional offers at every step of the checkout process.


In this post we’re sharing some of our best upsell strategies for the 2022 holiday season, including: 


  • How to leverage upsells during the holidays
  • The right products to use in your upsell offers
  • A simple 3-step process for getting started today


Where to Offer Upsells in Your Shopping Experience

Wondering how upsells can work in your business? To give you an idea, here is Zipify’s best-performing upsell funnel of all time: 

The Best Performing Upsell Funnel of All Time

In this funnel, we make 3 additional offers that are relevant to our customers and seamless with their shopping experience. 


  1. We start with a Pre-purchase Upsell. You can offer multiple products from the product page or (in this example) from the shopping cart.


  1. Next we offer Post-purchase Upsells. These come after a customer has completed their purchase but before they reach the Thank You Page.


  1. Lastly, we use Thank You Page Upsells. This is incredibly valuable real estate that most brands ignore. (Not only do customers land here at the end of their shopping experience, they often return to the page several times to check the status of their order.)


During the holidays, customers are more excited to buy than at any other time of year — so give them the opportunity to purchase multiple products by making multiple offers.


By using these 3 types of upsells, on average our users increase their topline revenue by 10–15% overnight.


How to Offer the Right Products as Upsells

Based on data from our 13,000 users, here’s how to choose winning products for each of your upsell offers.


For your Pre-purchase Upsells, simply offer customers your best seller (or second best, if they’re already buying your #1 product).  


You can offer a discount on this upsell, but we’ve found it works incredibly well without one.

Pre-purchase Upsells

For Post-purchase Upsells, offer more of what they just bought. So if a customer buys a best-selling product, ask if they’d like another at a 20% discount.

Post-purchase Upsells

Or, if it doesn’t make sense to offer another of what they just bought, offer them a complementary product instead


For example, if a customer buys a bag of coffee, it would make sense to offer them another bag of coffee (more of what they just bought.) But if a customer buys a coffee maker then offering another coffee maker probably wouldn’t convert, so offer them a bag of coffee instead (complementary product).


How to Get Started with Upsells in 3 Steps

Okay — ready to start generating extra revenue this holiday season with upsells? Here’s the hierarchy we recommend you use when building out your funnels. 


1. Best Sellers

Start with your 2 to 3 bestsellers. Build individual funnels for each of these products, including a Pre-purchase Upsell, a Post-purchase Upsell, and a Thank You Page Upsell.


2. Collections

Then create an upsell funnel for your collections. Let’s say you sell men’s clothing and you have a collection for pants. For any product in that collection, you could offer shoes or a belt as an upsell. 


3. All Products

Once you get those live, create a catch-all offer for the rest of your products. That way, any product not in one of the funnels above will still have an upsell attached to it.


When we see Shopify users leverage upsells in their checkout process, we see an average increase of 10–15% in topline revenue.


See More of What OCU Can Do


Trying to decide if OneClickUpsell is right for your store this holiday season?


Watch Zipify’s Marketing Director Jeff Wenberg go in-depth into more OCU features and use cases, including: 


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  • The Best Performing Upsell Funnel of All Time (and What Discounts to Use)
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Watch OCU in action.

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