New: Split Tests For Thank You Page Upsells (OneClickUpsell)

The Zipify Infinity Gauntlet is now complete, making OneClickUpsell the strongest upsell tool on Shopify!

*Cue maniacal laughter!*

We already gave you the power to split test your Pre-purchase Upsells, your first and second Post-purchase Upsell, and your Downsell offer.

Now, we just added the final missing piece: split tests for Thank You Page Upsells!

Thanks to this new functionality from OCU, you now have the power to split test 5 upsell offers on your Shopify store — each with their own unique split testing capabilities.

Here’s how to start running split tests on your Thank You Page Upsells.

How to Run a Split Test on Thank You Page Upsells

1. Set up a Thank You Page Upsell.

First, you need to set up a Thank You Page Upsell. (If you already have one running, skip ahead to the next section.)

If you’re not sure which upsell offer to highlight on your Thank You Page, we recommend starting with a product the customer hasn’t seen yet. That way you’re not making them an offer they might have already declined.

As with any upsell offer, you can update the appearance and set a custom discount if you’d like.

So far, our users have seen the best results by using a highly visible headline and by offering a 15% discount.

2. Run your Thank You Page Upsell split test.

Once you have a Thank You Page Upsell set up, you can go ahead and run your split test.

Just hover over the 3 dots and select “Create Split Test” to view your split test offer options:

 You can create a split test using a new offer on the same product, or by choosing a different product entirely.

The weight of the test will be split in half so that the test page and control page receive the same number of views:

3. View Results & Continue to Optimize

After your test is live, you can view the results by returning to the Thank You Page Upsell offer section.

And if you want to create the most powerful upsell funnels on Shopify, then continue to optimize your winners and take full advantage of split testing on all 5 of OCU’s upsell offers.

I recommend going over this article: 7 Tips for Optimizing Your Buy Box. (I wrote it for Zipify Pages users, but all of the functionality exists in your Upsell Offer Editor as well!)

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With new features like split tests for Thank You Page Upsells, OneClickUpsell makes increasing your average order value, well…

For more info on how to set up split tests in OneClickUpsell, read this helpful article from a Zipify App Specialist.

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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