New Integration: OCU Pre-Purchase Upsells for Zipify Pages

Zipify Pages and OneClickUpsell have helped over 100,000 Shopify merchants build high-converting funnels, and in total, they’re responsible for over $300 million in additional revenue for their users.

Now, we just improved the compatibility of these two apps so they can work together to seamlessly boost conversions on your store.

Introducing, OCU Pre-Purchase Upsells for Zipify Pages.

This new release makes it possible to:

  • Trigger OCU pre-purchase upsells directly on ZP product pages.
  • Have orders with both dynamic discounts (Zipify Pages) and pre-purchase discounts (OCU) at checkout.

Keep reading to learn how these new features work!

How This Integration Works

Before the release of this new integration, only the native Shopify buy boxes and the Cart page supported OneClickUpsell’s pre-purchase upsell offers.

So to trigger a pre-purchase offer, a user’s funnels would have to include at least one of those options.

Now, ZP product pages created in Zipify Pages will be recognized, making it possible to upsell and go directly to checkout from there — shortening the funnel and improving conversion odds.

The next part of this integration allows for the dynamic discounts configured in the Zipify Pages buy box to be used with the discounts offered through OCU’s pre-purchase upsells.

While Shopify only allows for one discount to be used during checkout, by using a systematic discount, this integration allows for both discounts on the same order, helping to incentivize your customers to “act now” more often.

Now that we’ve covered what this new integration does, let’s go over how easy it is to turn on.

Turning On the OneClickUpsell Integration

Go to the app Settings located inside Zipify Pages and click on the Integrations section:

Zipify Pages in-app Settings with the Integrations section highlighted

Find the OneClickUpsell integration tile and hit the switch:

Done! Now, you’ll have one of the most powerful app duos working together with one unified purpose — helping you make more money!

To see the important notes about this new integration, please visit the Integrations Help Document created by our Zipify Support Team.

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