Dynamic Discounts: Auto-applied Coupon Codes for Zipify Pages (New Feature)

Hey! This is Jeff, Director of Marketing at Zipify.

Few things fire up online shoppers more than a good discount, but the last thing you want is to:

  • Force your customers to remember coupon codes or type them in manually
  • Force yourself to deal with confusing 3rd-party apps or links to set up your discounts

That’s why we just released a brand new feature for Zipify Pages: Dynamic Discounts.

Now, you can add a discount to your Buy Box and we’ll auto-generate a Shopify discount code and apply it to the cart.

To see how easy it is to use Dynamic Discounts, watch the video above or keep reading.

Adding Dynamic Discounts To The Buy Box

The new Dynamic Discounts feature is located in the same place as the current discounting options for the Buy Box (Compare At Price and Static):

These new dynamic discounts include both Percent and Fixed values:

  • Percent (Dynamic) – Show a percent discount which auto-applies at checkout
  • Fixed (Dynamic) – Show a dollar amount discount which auto-applies at checkout

Once you’ve selected the type of dynamic discount and the value, the final step is to direct the Buy Box button to checkout and save:

Please Note: The “Checkout” destination for the Buy Box button is required for Dynamic Discounts to work properly.  

How It Works In Shopify

When you add a dynamic discount to your Buy Box through Zipify Pages, in the backend of Shopify, we auto-create a Shopify discount code in your Shopify “Discounts” section. This means you won’t need to create this yourself in Shopify. 

You can review the Zipify-created discount by going to the Shopify “Discounts” section and viewing the recently created discount codes. 

Click on the discount code and check the description to see this information: 

How It Looks When It’s Live: 

On the live page, depending on your setup, the discount configured in the Zipify Pages editor is reflected in the costs. This includes the retail value, discount amount, and discounted price: 

When the customer proceeds to checkout from this page, the discount will be added dynamically with no further actions required

Here’s an example of how the dynamic discount looks on a live checkout

To learn more about Dynamic Discounts, you can review our help section here

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I’m Jeff — thanks for watching!

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