[Case Study] Husband & Wife Have Best Product Launch Ever with Zipify Pages (ft. Mark Dhamma)

“If you’re a business owner and you don’t have a team, I highly recommend you use Zipify Pages because of how quickly and easily you can build pages and split test…

And if you’re a business owner who does have a team, I highly recommend Zipify Pages because it’s so, so easy that anyone on your team can do it and that frees up a whole lot of your time.”

-Mark Dhamma, SwirlyCurly

Mark Dhamma has been an entrepreneur since he was 12 years old. Since then, he’s sold just about every type of product there is, and he’s even become a marketing educator to help other do-it-yourself business owners.

5 years ago, he and his wife started an ecommerce business — SwirlyCurly Hair — and have been slowly building the brand on Shopify.

At first the business was just Mark, his wife and one customer service agent, and anyone who’s led a small team knows how hard it is to implement new ideas and see real results.

But then 2–3 years ago SwirlyCurly started using Zipify Pages, and everything changed:

“I just wanted an easy way for me to create new product pages, for me to do quick A/B tests, and just really simplify the whole process and reduce the time I was spending on the website, which it helped.”

Fast forward to today: Mark now has a team of 9, including 4 on the marketing team. He still loves Zipify Pages, but for a slightly different reason:

“Now adays, what I love about [Zipify Pages] is that my team members can quickly and easily build pages — whether we want an opt-in page for a giveaway we’re doing or an event; whether we want to produce a sales page for a sale like Black Friday; or one of the things that really worked well for us is using one of the new Mini-site Templates when launching new products.”

How Mark Used Zipify’s Min-site Template to Sell out His Latest Product Launch

To launch SwirlyCurly’s new head scarf, Mark wanted to use one of the proven pages from Zipify’s template library.

He decided on the Product Mini-site: a perfect template for product launches or any campaign that you want to work well to convert both desktop and mobile traffic.

“These mini-sites are just really quick-loading sites — designed for mobile, optimized for mobile — where someone can quickly learn everything about the product and then shop.”

This template allows you to highlight a single product across multiple lightweight pages that are all connected by a navigation header — sort of like a whole website for a single product.

Mark’s mini-site included one page for the product’s story, another page describing the fabric, one for reviews, and another sales-driven page with a buy box and call to action.

And all he had to do was choose the Mini-site page from the template library and update the images and copy to match his brand.

“It didn’t take us long at all to do but it created a HIGHLY effective product page, a highly effective launch campaign from it and it was really, really easy.”

Start Leveraging the Product Mini-site & Other Proven Templates from Zipify Pages

Whether you have a small team or, like me, you run multiple brands with 100+ employees, Zipify Pages will deliver tremendous value for your brand.

“The first thing we’ve noticed is a lift in revenue because of how fast we could test and get new pages up…

A little bit further on now that we have a whole team, the big difference for me is that it’s a lot less time. I don’t use it anymore because it’s so easy that my team members can do it themselves… So I can be more of a CEO and look after the strategy of the company. It frees up so much of my time, and I love it!”

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Mark Dhamma is an entrepreneur and marketing educator, and with his wife he runs the ecommerce brand SwirlyCurly Hair.

Mark has been using Zipify Pages for over 5 years, and has recently become a Zipify Brand Ambassador in order to share his success to help other store owners in our community.

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