***This post features OCU Legacy which is no longer supported by Zipify or Shopify. Click here if you’re looking for up to date information about OneClickUpsell***

My ecommerce brand, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, just hit a super exciting milestone.

We just crossed the $1,000,000 mark in upsell revenue using our post-purchase upsell tool, OneClickUpsell. Woohoo!

Now I want to show you what we learned in the process, including:

1. Our most profitable post-purchase sales funnel
2. The best product for your first upsell (and why you need a second)
3. How we used this funnel to sell out during our new product launch

How OneClickUpsell Works

When someone buys from our Shopify store, instead of directing them to a Thank You Page we take them to an OCU Post-purchase Upsell Page where we make them a special offer on an additional product…

And they can add this product to their order with just one click — without re-entering their payment information.

BOOM! is one of the largest Shopify stores in the world, and when we started offering upsells with OCU, our revenue increased by 10% on day 1.

Now, of the store’s $10,000,000 in revenue, $1,000,000 of that has been generated by post-purchase upsells.

My Most Profitable Post-purchase Upsell Funnel

After generating $1M in upsell revenue, and testing everything we could think of, we’ve found that this simple strategy is the best:

After a customer checks out, we drop them on an upsell offer page. (Check out the video for the design and copy we use on these pages.)

We’ve found that the best product for your initial upsell is more of what they just ordered. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

If the customer says no to this upsell, we might show them a downsell offer or we might just complete their transaction and drop them on a Thank You Page…

But if they say yes, we always — always — make them a second upsell offer.

We’ve noticed that if a customer says yes to the first upsell, there’s a good chance they will say yes to the second, so you definitely want a second upsell product in your post-purchase funnel.

How We Used Upsells in Our New Product Launch

BOOM! just launched a new cleanser, Boom! Clean, and it was the most successful launch we’ve ever had — we completely sold out…

And OneClickUpsell was a big factor in the success of this campaign.

Because when someone bought Boom Clean, what upsell do you think I offered them? More of Boom Clean, of course.

Of the roughly 3,000 units we sold, a third of them — about 8000 — were sold as an upsell.

We ended up with a 28% upsell conversion rate, and 20-25% more revenue added to our launch.

Again, it’s so effective when offering an upsell to offer more of what they just bought.

Add Upsell Revenue to Your Store

If you’re not yet a member of OneClickUpsell, it’s easy join!

Just go here to learn more and start your membership: zipify.com/oneclickupsell

We find that, on average, stores that start using OCU see a 10-15% increase in revenue on DAY 1!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post — thanks for reading!

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