Harry’s Razors vs. Dollar Shave Club – Who Has Better Marketing?

** UPDATE: The giveaway Ezra mentions is no longer active.

Welcome to Buying Stuff & Talking About It: the show where I break down the marketing behind the world’s biggest ecommerce brands.

In this segment from Live From The Internet, I’m looking at one of the most famous ecommerce brands ever, Dollar Shave Club, and their biggest rival, Harry’s Razors.

In this episode, I break down their products, their packaging, their ads, their emails, their websites

So you can apply their most successful marketing strategies and avoid their biggest mistakes.

In this episode of Buying Stuff, I show you:

  • How they use tripwire offers to fuel new subscriptions
  • My breakdown of their Facebook ad funnels
  • Their best emails and social content

Plus a complete breakdown of their websites, including:

  • Long-form sales pages
  • Shopping cart funnels
  • Upsell & cross-sell tactics

Now let’s see who wins this ecommerce cage match!

(DISCLAIMER: This breakdown was originally written in March of 2019 for Zipify’s sister brand, Smart Marketer.

The specific ads and landing pages may have changed since then — but that doesn’t make this exercise any less valuable!)

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Buying Stuff is just one segment from episode 2 of my marketing talk show, Live From The Internet.

The full episode originally premiered on the Smart Marketer blog in May 2020, but many of the topics discussed still apply to today.

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