Google Analytics Goals + Our Upcoming Funnel Visualization Feature

Google Analytics Goals + Our Upcoming Funnel Visualization Feature

How effective are your landing pages?

Where are people dropping off in your funnel?

If you want to optimize your campaigns to be as successful as possible, you need to be able to answer these questions.

Which is why it’s so important to get accurate data on all your pages.

Well good news: we have an exciting new feature in the works called Funnel Visualization.

With this new functionality, Zipify Pages will show you how all your pages are performing — from the beginning of your funnel all the way to the sale (or whatever the conversion is).

However, Funnel Visualization is still a couple months away…

But fortunately, because Zipify Pages is natively integrated with your Shopify store, all the data from your pages is pulled right into Google Analytics.

So I want to hop into my GA account to show you how to use Goals to string together the pages of your funnels, so you can see what percentage of customers are moving from one page to the next and where they’re dropping off.

(Even with the Funnel Visualization feature, you still want to set this up. A documented history of your website is extremely helpful, especially when you want to sell your business.)

Check out the video now!

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