New “Discount Bar”: How to Use Tiered Discounts to Increase Your Average Order Value (OneClickUpsell)

Hey! Want a great way to incentivize customers to add more products to their cart before checkout?

Try our new feature from OneClickupsell: The “Discount Bar” For Pre-purchase Upsells.

This new feature gives you the power to offer tiered discounts that increase as customers add products to their cart, and provides a dynamic visualization of how much more they need to spend to reach the next threshold.

In this post, you will learn how this new feature fits into our robust pre-purchase upsell feature set, and how to start using the Discount Bar on your store today!

The Evolution of Zipify’s Pre-Purchase Upsells

Zipify was built on post-purchase upsells, and while that’s still our bread and butter, the app is so much more powerful now.

When we introduced pre-purchase upsells, they quickly accounted for 17% of our upsell revenue — wow!

Next came Multi-product Pre-purchase Upsells (MPUs), which turned out to be one of the most effective upsell offers we’ve ever created. 

And to make our MPUs even more powerful, we introduced the “Free-Shipping Bar” to incentivize customers to add more products to their cart.

After seeing how effective this tactic was, we started working on our newest release: The “Discount Bar” For Pre-purchase Upsells. 

Using the same concept behind the Free Shipping Bar, this new feature lets OCU users offer up to 4 tiered discount thresholds that are marked on a progression bar. 

As an example: you could offer a 10% discount when a customer has a cart value of $50, a 25% discount when the cart value reaches $100, and so on. 

This feature helps you sell more products and increase your average order value, and you can even split test your offers to determine which is most effective for you.

Working With The “Discount Bar” Inside Zipify’s Pre-Purchase Upsell Builder 

This feature is specifically designed for the Multi-product Pre-purchase Upsell Offer. 

To begin setup, select this offer type and the assortment of products you want displayed in the pre-purchase popup:

Upsell funnel inside OneClickUpsell with the multi-product pre-purchasse upsell highlighted.

Then click on the offer to open the builder. Go to the section marked “Incentive” and select “Discount Bar” from the “Incentive Type” drop-down:

The multi-product pre-purchase builder showing the new "discount bar" incentive.

There will be one discount threshold by default, but you can choose up to 4 thresholds and customize the messaging for each one by clicking on the text above the discount bar:

The multi-product pre-purchase builder showing the 4 available discount thresholds

The discount threshold text block editor will open. Here, tell the customer their current discount status, what they need to reach the next threshold, and message for when the final goal is reached:

The multi-product pre-purchase's discount threshold text block editor

Back under the numbered discount thresholds, set the threshold values and discount percentage for each goal. Your store’s main currency will be used for these goals: 

The multi-product pre-purchase builder's discount threshold value placeholders

Under the discount thresholds is the Bar Color, Fill Color, and Background Color. Use this section to modify the appearance of your discount bar: 

The multi-product pre-purchase builder's appearance options for the progressive discount bar.

As your customers add more products to their cart, the “fill color” will progress towards the next discount threshold.

(Note that the discount bar reflects the value of the entire cart, including the original trigger product.) 

On the Shopify checkout, the discount is automatically applied, making it easy for customers to proceed with their purchase. 

That’s it — you’re all set!

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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