Split Test: 40¢ More Per Visitor from Product Page Cross-sells (Zipify Pages)

“I split tested [the Buy Box] because I’m always into testing things. I never just take what worked before, I always test it again.”

– Ezra Firestone, Zipify Founder

Hey, Ezra here!

Did you know that 8 out of 10 customers will never return to make another purchase?

That’s why it’s important to get the most value out of these one-time encounters by trying new ways to boost your average order value.

One strategy I’ve been running since 2007 that’s helped me boost this metric is by offering cross-sells in the buy box.

Back then, I was selling funny wigs and cross-selling the wig caps to pair with them, getting a 60% take rate and an AOV increase of 15%.

Just a few months ago, we built multi-product cross-sells for the Dynamic Buy Box inside my Shopify page builder, Zipify Pages.

Since then, I’ve been able to replicate my cross-sell strategy from 2007 on my new site (BOOM!), and I even split tested it against an identical product page without cross-sells.

In this post, I’ll share the results of my cross-sell split test as we focus on the success of cross-selling in the buy box. Keep reading to learn more!

The Boom Gloss Product Page Without Cross-sells

BOOM! Gloss product page without cross sells in the buy box

The Boom Gloss product page is built in Zipify Pages like all my product pages are — this makes it easy to split test, update, and split test again.

You’ll notice that I don’t have any cross-sells in my buy box, but I still have a ton of other high-converting elementslike: 

  • Star Rating
  • Image Carousel
  • Empowering Product Description
  • Unique Selling Proposition

To learn more about the Dynamic Buy Box and the available layout settings, visit the ZIpify Pages: Dynamic Buy Box help documentation prepared by our highly-rated support team.

Now that you know what the Control Page for my test looks like, let’s look at the Variant Page.

Boom Gloss with Cross-sells in the Buy Box

BOOM! Gloss product page with cross sells in the buy box

Looking at the image above, you can see this page now has cross-sells that customers can add to their carts.

With Zipify Pages, it’s super simple to add these offers to your product pages.

First, you’ll need to enable the Cross-sell Section in the Dynamic Buy Box Layout Settings:

Dynamic Buy Box Layout Settings 

Next, go to the Cross-sell settings within the same popup to add your product and customize the appearance of the cross-sells:

Dynamic Buy Box Cross Sell section

You can select up to 3 products and their variants, set a discount, and modify these layout elements:

  • Cross-sell Callout
  • “Compare At…” Price
  • Product Discount
  • Quantity Selector
  • Checkbox Color & Alignment

To get a better scope of the cross-sell feature, visit The “Cross-Sell” Tab help section in the Zipify Pages help documentation.  

Now that we’ve covered the difference in appearance for both pages, let’s see how this addition makes a noticeable impact on sales.

The Multi-product Cross-sell Split Test Results

1. Boom Gloss with 2 Cross-sells in the Buy Box  

For my first split test (the one I’ve been sharing screenshots of), I used only 2 products as cross-sells and through testing I generated 8,675 views, ensuring my results were accurate.

Even though the original product page had over 100 more user sessions, the product page with cross-sells was the clear split test winner, responsible for:

  • +0.7% Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • +40¢ Per Session Value (Per Visitor)

And all I did was add some of my most popular products to the buy box cross-sell and let Zipify Pages do the rest.

And because you can add up to 3 cross-sells to the buy box, I wanted to see if my engagement would increase if I added a 3rd product. 

Those results are right below.

2. Boom Gloss with 3 Cross-sells in the Buy Box  

Heat-mapping technology data showing on the BOOM Gloss product page cross sell offers

This is another version of the split test with the maximum amount of cross-sells (3).

When we look at the number of customers adding cross-sells to the cart using heat-mapping technology, we can see:

  • Cross-sell Offer 1 attracted 1.91% of user clicks  
  • Cross-sell Offer 2 attracted 2.45% of user clicks
  • Cross-sell Offer 3 attracted <2% of user clicks

In total, over 6% of customers added a second item to their order, resulting in an additional boost to my average order value.

Cross-sell in the Buy Box and Offer Pre-purchase & Post-purchase Upsells to Further Increase Your AOV

Like I mentioned before, 8 out of 10 people who buy from you will never make another purchase.

So, if you want to maximize sales while they’re swinging by your site, then offering product page cross-sells is just the beginning.

With OneClickUpsell, my Shopify-trusted upsell funnel builder, I’m able to get more products in front of customers and make purchasing more convenient, which helps me increase my average order value without additional marketing costs.

Instead of seeing only the cross-sell offer, my customers go through a funnel with 4 more offers before completing their order (5 when we release in-checkout offers!).

That’s 4x more product exposure and a 4x higher probability they’ll add more items to their cart.

Not an OCU user? Learn more about the app here and start your free 30-day trial.

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This has been Ezra — thanks for reading!

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