[Case Study] Shopify Store Generates 2,200 Leads in Just 10 Days… While Lowering Costs!


“[Zipify Pages] really gave us the freedom to design a page the way we liked them to be set up… opposed to having to send out to a programmer and have them hardcode it.”

– Richard Candamil, Zipify Brand Ambassador

Richard Candamil is CEO at CYSM, a premier shapewear brand for women that provides comfort and style with all their products.

Richard used to struggle with the cost and the time that it took to create landing pages and sales funnels for his Shopify store…

But over the past 5 years, he’s been cutting costs and increasing profitability on his campaigns with Zipify Pages.

Just recently, one of Richard’s campaigns generated over 2,200 leads in just 10 days:

“…and that’s all possible because of how easy it is to create these pages and how well they work.”

Keep reading to see why Zipify Pages is the perfect fit for Richard and CYSM.

Zipify Pages Saves Money

Say you wanted to design a landing page and launch a marketing campaign — how many hours would that take and how much would it cost you?

For most people the answer would be, “Too much!”

But for Richard, he was able to reduce costs and still get the job done. How? With Zipify Pages, our landing page and sales funnel builder for Shopify.


“[Zipify Pages] really facilitated the way we do landing pages in a lot of our marketing campaigns and efforts.”


Once Richard stopped outsourcing landing page creation and other development tasks, he was no longer overspending on page design.

“Having a tool that can do all of that in-house, that all of our group can use, not having to outsource it, and not sacrifice any of the functionalities of a good website or a landing page, and not sacrificing anything design wise is really a game changer for us. Saving us hundreds of thousands in development costs and also in hours.”

Zipify Pages Makes Money

When it comes to landing pages, it’s not just about how much they cost to make — it’s also about how many conversions they generate.

For Richard, Zipify Pages was even more valuable as a marketing tool than it was for design and development.

“It’s a tool that’s really easy to use and a must-have for ecommerce.”

By using the conversion-tested templates in Zipify Pages, Richard’s latest campaign generated a ton of leads at an amazingly low CPL for their market:

“This campaign we started running ads for 10 days prior to the event and in just that short period of time, we’re able to collect over 2,000 leads at a cost of $1.19, which is really good for us and really good in our space.”

Zipify Pages Saves Time

Before Richard discovered Zipify Pages, things at CYSM just weren’t moving fast enough:

“Prior to using the Zipify Page builder, every time we had a campaign to run or we needed to build a page, we had to first design it and then send it to a programmer, get it on our site, and then go back with changes. And that really slowed us down.

To reduce the time spent waiting for outsourced landing pages, Richard used Zipify Pages to speed up this process by bringing the work in-house.


“Our design team is able to [design pages] in the regular programs that they use… we’re able to translate that into a page that looks exactly like it and it’s already optimized for desktop or mobile.”


In the video at the top of this page, Richard shows you how quickly he can create a page identical to his design team’s draft using Zipify Pages. In less than 20 minutes, he has a fully designed page live on his site!

“In about 15 minutes we have a desktop version of a page and a mobile version of a page. Everything’s optimized to work on that device. And we’re able to move on from a campaign to an actual live site in less than 20 minutes.”

Want to Try Zipify Pages on Your Store?

If you want to create landing pages that outperform your past campaigns while saving you money on design and development (just like Richard)…

Then go here to learn more about Zipify Pages and see how you can create smarter sales funnels for your Shopify store:

Try Zipify Pages



Try Zipify Pages


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