Case Study: How Shopify Store Pet Snacks Built a Loyal Customer Base & Increased ROI 650%

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How did Shopify store Pet Snacks go from barely breaking even on their free-plus-shipping offer to building a loyal customer base and increasing ROI by 650%?

With a 3-step sales funnel they learned from Zipify CEO Ezra Firestone.

Using this funnel, Pet Snacks stopped relying on discounts to attract low-quality customers and started using story-based content to form an emotional connection with their audience.

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Pet Snacks: Store History

When James Buhagiar’s beloved pet passed away after eating toxic treats, he made it his mission to provide healthy, high-quality pet snacks that contained no harmful ingredients.

So James started Pet Snacks, an ecommerce business specializing in treats made from all-natural, small-batch kangaroo meat.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 12.52.44 PM

The Old Strategy

In the early stages of the business, James used Facebook ads to drive traffic to his WordPress site where he would collect email addresses. But because he had no funnel in place to generate sales on his Shopify store, revenue was inconsistent.

So James created a free-plus-shipping offer that used one of his products as a “loss leader” to acquire new customers.

The good news: The free-plus-shipping offer did its job. Pet Snack’s customer base grew and consistent sales started coming in.

The bad news: James realized that his free-plus-shipping offer attracted low-quality buyers — mostly “freebie hunters” and people unwilling to pay full price for his other products, making it a challenge to increase Average Order Value (AOV) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and generate a profit.

So with the hopes of developing a new customer acquisition strategy that would increase profit, he suspended his free-plus-shopping offer and went back to the drawing board.

The New Strategy

Then James learned that ecommerce brands were having a lot of success with top-line video ads.

Following a strategy he learned from Zipify’s Ezra Firestone, James took the best of what was working in his free-plus-shipping campaign and turned it into a powerful 3-step sales funnel.

#1 Video Ads

With the help of Ezra’s flagship training, Traffic MBA: Facebook Video Ads Mastery, James learned how to leverage Facebook video ads as a perfect piece of top-of-funnel content.

Using this training, James created a video ad that effectively told his story and introduced people to his brand.

Now, instead of attracting new customers with a discount, he was using his brand mission to connect with his target audience on an emotional level…

And due to the high engagement rate of video ads, James saw a huge spike in traffic.

At this point, most people would send their traffic to a product page, but not James — at least, not yet. Per Ezra’s training, he sent this traffic to what’s called a “Pre-sell Engagement Page.”

#2 Pre-sell Engagement Page

The Pre-sell Engagement Page is the perfect combination of content marketing and direct response advertising.

As Ezra explains it, this is essentially an article that engages your audience in a conversation about a problem that is relevant to your brand, then transitions from the problem to the solution, which is your product.

In James’ case, the conversation is about pet safety, and his article is titled “5 Dangerous Dog Treat Additives to Avoid.”

Once the article lists the 5 additives that pet owners should avoid, it provides the solution for how to avoid them: by purchasing Pet Snacks’ healthy, high-quality kangaroo chews.

These prospects now know James’ story, know the Pet Snacks brand, and know how these products will help solve their pain points.

By the time they actually visited the product pages they were highly qualified traffic, resulting in a high conversion rate on products that James was now offering at full price.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 1.04.10 PM
(This landing page was built using Zipify Pages, Ezra’s landing page and sales funnel builder for Shopify.)

#3 Post-purchase Upsells

Now that James was using Facebook videos ads to drive traffic to a Pre-sell Engagement Page and then to his product pages, he saw a huge increase in sales…

But he knew the job wasn’t done.

Like he tried to do with his free-plus-shipping offer, James’ next goal was to increase the AOV of the traffic coming through his funnel.

He knew he could do it this time, though, because he was now dealing with higher quality customers who would be willing to add more products to their order if he used the right strategy.

James’ questions was, What’s the best way to increase my average order value?

He was already using Zipify Pages to build the landing pages for his sales funnel, and he knew that the Zipify team had another app, OneClickUpsell, that would enable him to increase the AOV on his store by offering one-click, post-purchase upsells.

“One-click” upsells allow customers to add more products to their order with a minimal amount of friction, as they don’t need to enter their payment information again…

While offering the upsells post-purchase let James avoid the risk of losing any sales by interrupting the buying process with additional offers. It was a win/win.

So for his post-purchase upsell, James offered every customer a one-month supply of a popular product at a small discount. This significantly increased his AOV, and because he was offering a subscription product, the recurring revenue added consistent monthly revenue.

So now James had a game-changing 3-step sales funnel in his business:

The Results

By removing the free-plus-shipping offer and charging full price for their high-quality treats, James added 30% to his bottom line right off the bat.

After using this new strategy for a few months, Pet Snacks’ entire advertising campaign was getting a 6x-7x return week after week, or about a 650% ROI.

And in addition to an immediate increase in revenue, James now had a community of loyal customers that would continue to engage with his brand and come back for repeat purchases.

At this point, this 3-step sales funnel has brought Pet Snacks over $1,000,000 in sales.

Which just goes to show — when small ecommerce brands stop relying on discounts to attract new customers and start connecting with people on an emotional level, big things can happen.

If you’d like to learn more about Pet Snacks, visit and pick up some ‘roo treats that your pets are sure to enjoy.

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