5 New Features That Flex Your Landing Page Muscles (Feature Round-up)

Are you ready to flex your landing page muscles?

Well, if you’re not — take a deep breath, do some stretching, and let’s get to it!

Because we just release 5 new features for Zipify Pages that make it easier to keep your store in tip-top shape with way less effort:

  • AI Copy Generator
  • Zipify Header Block
  • Boom Store Header
  • “Per Device” Navigation
  • Mobile Image Thumbnails

Keep reading and we’ll coach you through every feature!

#1 AI Copy Generator

The new AI Copy Generator is our very first introduction to using AI capabilities with the Zipify Pages app.

It comes pre-built into the text editor of the page builder:

The AI copy generator inside the text editor of the Zipify Pages builder.

If you’re ever having trouble finding the right words to say to your audience, just input the message you want to communicate and let the AI copy generator revise and polish it just like a professional copywriter would.

Plus, you can choose a specific tone for the generated message, including messaging that is playful, persuasive, supportive, and more:

The copy tones of the AI copy generator inside the text editor of the Zipify Pages builder.

This feature is like having a professional copywriter on your team 24/7 to do the heavy lifting for you!

#2 Zipify Header Block & #3 BOOM Store Header

The next feature is a double with the new Zipify Header Block & the revamped Boom Store Header block:

The Zipify Header and BOOM Store header inside the ZIpify Block Library.

While these headers have nearly identical functionality, they have unique sizing and spacing that sets the appearance of these two blocks apart.

Included in these blocks comes two new upgrades for Header blocks, the Toggle Menu and Icon Cart Destination.

The new Toggle Menu lets customers open the full menu on tablet and mobile for faster, more-precise navigation:

The Toggle Menu drop-down for tablet and mobile devices.

And the Icon Cart Destination lets you set the Cart as your destination for any icon — giving you another customization option to help create the perfect header.  

The cart icons for the icon cart destination inside the page builder.

#4 “Per Device” Navigation

This new feature gives you the ability to customize the navigation block on your pages by device: mobile, tablet, or desktop.

The mobile view of the navigation bar on a product page.

Now you can optimize the route your customers take when arriving on your website and change the order and design of your navigation links depending on their device.

This lets you customize your user experience even more when you’re editing pages in the Zipify Pages builder.

#5 Mobile Image Thumbnails

Our fifth and final feature is the new Mobile Image Thumbnails:

The mobile image thumbnail preview inside the Zipify Pages builder.

Mobile users account for a huge percentage of your web traffic, and this feature ensures every part of your mobile page is finely chiseled to visual perfection by allowing you to preview how your thumbnail images appear on mobile.

Try out all these exciting updates for yourself and be sure to let us know when you break your next personal record!

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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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