(Case Study) How Medicine Box Makes $20K/Month & Grows Their Email List With Lead Magnet Opt-In Pages

“Getting leads is the biggest part, I think, of anyone’s business, and… my biggest problem — before.” – Brian Chaplin

If you asked Brian Chaplin, Founder of Medicine Box and Mind’s Eye, why it was challenging to scale his business, that’s what he’d tell you.

But, did you notice that he said “before”?

That’s because now he has a lead magnet opt-in page from Zipify Pages that’s helping him bring in $20,000 a month in sales!

“The tools that Zipify has […] they’re made to be simple. You don’t have to be a $100 million dollar store yet. You can start from ground zero.”

Want to see how he did it?

Check out Brian’s $20,000 opt-in page and top-performing funnel below!

Growing Medicine Box’s Email Subscribers List

Building a winning funnel doesn’t have to be complicated.

For this offer, Brian created a simple 3-step funnel for a free e-book, “Mushroom Microdosing Manifesto” — simple but very effective.

Brian’s “Free E-book” Funnel:

  • Amplify his offer with an ad on social media
  • Send traffic to an opt-in page to collect emails
  • Delivers the e-book with an automated email campaign and follow up with a few pre-written sales emails

And this funnel is about more than just giving away some free e-books…

Every lead that downloads an e-book gets added to Brian’s email list. Now he’s able to monetize them multiple times throughout their customer lifecycle — for much cheaper than paid traffic.

The Mushroom Manifesto Opt-In Page

Now, let’s dig a little deeper.

After a lead clicks on Brian’s ad, they move to the second step of the funnel — the opt-in page:


The mushroom microdosing manifesto pdf opt-in page from Medicine Box.

This page started as the Lead Magnet Opt-In template, but then Brian made some customization to fit the aesthetics and design of the rest of the Medicine Box website.

Now this serves as his go-to template for all variations of this funnel.

Brian also connected his Klaviyo CRM to the Zipify Pages form, so he can collect subscribers automatically without manually uploading the user data.

So when a customer enters their info and clicks “Yes! Show me the guide”, Klaviyo immediately delivers the PDF and starts them on an email flow.
(You can see all of Zipify Pages’ CRM integrations here: Zipify Pages: Connecting Your CRM).

Results For The “Mushroom Manifesto”

Here’s how Brian’s opt-in page and top funnel performed in just one month:

Brian's results for the mushroom manifesto pdf opt-in funnel.

  • 562 new leads
  • 98.4% delivery rate
  • 16.2% open rate
  • $1,906 in direct sales

In addition to the $1,900 he’s made directly from this e-book, this funnel also helped Brian generate $20,000 this month by adding 500 new leads to his email list!

“And that right there is what makes Zipify the best landing page builder and the best Shopify app out there… You really can’t go wrong.”

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This is Ezra — thanks for reading!

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