Don’t Make Me Blush: Shopify Cosmetics Brand Lifts AOV By 15% (OneClickUpsell Case Study)

“The Zipify OneClickUpsell app allows me to choose products on my website to upsell and leave them on autopilot to sell themselves.” – Marnie Massie, Shopify Store Owner

Meet Marnie Massie!

Marnie is the founder of a cosmetic brand hosted on Shopify and the newest Zipify Brand Ambassador.

In July of 2022, Marnie was searching for a simple way to increase her average order value and boost sales. She began hearing about the powerful impact of upsell offers and decided to give OneClickUpsell a try.

Narrowing down her search for an upsell builder on Shopify that checked all the boxes, she zeroed in on one: The OneClickUpsell App!

And she’s upsold at least one product every day since:

“Since adding the upsell in July, there hasn’t been one day that a product hasn’t been added to the cart using the OCU app.”

Along with her increase in sales and average order value, Marnie is beyond happy with the other benefits the OCU app offers, like the:

  • Easy Usability
  • Hands-on Control
  • Streamlined Funnel Building

Keep reading to see how OCU can help your brand too!

What Contributes To Marnie’s Upsell Success?

Easy Usability

“I love that the app is so user-friendly and easy to use”

The moment Marnie installed the OCU app, she felt comfortable jumping into the funnel builder and beginning her upsell journey with confidence:

“I was able to teach myself how to use the app in under five minutes and set up my first funnel that makes money for me daily.”

It’s because upon installing the app, new OCU users are introduced to how the app works through a wizard that instructs users on creating their first offer.

(No, it’s not an actual wizard, but there is magic happening within the app!)

In conjunction with this resource, users also have access to our extensive OCU help documentation prepared by OCU app specialists and the live in-app support chat*.

Hands-On Control

“It’s just very exciting to actually have the control over what products are going to be selling better.”

Having direct control over the products, offers, and funnels is another reason why Marnie believes in the OCU app.

After analyzing data collected in the app and observing customer feedback, Marnie is able to create new funnels based on her findings that have a higher chance of succeeding.

“I love that I can choose products and know that I’ll be increasing my daily sales, and I really enjoy setting up new funnels to see which products are going to convert best.”

Streamlined Funnel Building

“The app has saved my team time, it has saved us money, and it creates great energy because we love seeing it work”

Although Marnie likes having hands-on control, she’s not required to constantly check in or update her funnels…

And when she wants to automate the process, OCU’s got her covered.

With the new AI feature for OneClickupsell, she can streamline funnel building instantly and let the app do all the work from there:

The AI funnel recommendations for post-purchase offers inside the OCU funnel builder.

“The Zipify OneClickUpsell app allows me to choose products on my website to upsell and leave them on autopilot to sell themselves.”

Now, Marnie can be in and out of the app faster than ever:

“It takes me two minutes to create or update a funnel that I know will be converting, and this makes me happy.”

Marnie’s Upsell Performance Results

The Increase To Average Order Value

When Marnie looks back to the past year’s performance, there’s a significant increase in her AOV that she credits OCU for:

“Since adding the upsell in July… my average order value has increased by 15%.”

The Highest Performing Offer

The main reason for Marnie’s improved AOV is her successful upsell funnels.

Her primary funnel is a post-purchase upsell funnel that leads all others in conversions and views.

“My conversion rate inside of our post-purchase funnel, which is our main funnel, averages 14.5% to date.”Marnie's post-purchase offer #2 results from inside the OCU funnel builder.

“The app has made us more money… To me, the OneClickUpsell app is a no-brainer.”

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This is Brittany — thanks for reading!

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