[Case Study] How Fit Kit Bodycare Earned 200% ROAS From Lead Generation Using Zipify Pages

“We were generating more than double [in revenue]… off the back of direct sales… We were really, really happy with that.”  

— Brad, Fit Kit Bodycare

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our new electro-powered Zipify Brand Ambassador Brad Lazarus, CMO of Fit Kit Bodycare. F.K.B. is an exercise and recovery toiletry brand with rejuvenating electrolytes and minerals packed into their products.

In 2022, the brand started focusing on email as a sales channel for their customers:

“We really wanted to wake up the list of existing subscribers… we hadn’t been building that list for a good few months last year.”  

To gear up for the holiday rush, Brad decided to run a lead generation campaign to build anticipation for the upcoming sales, and to his surprise, it earned a 200% return on ad spend and became its own sales vehicle!

Watch the video above — or keep reading to see Brad’s lead generation funnel and results.

Brad’s Marketing Plan & Opt-In Funnel 

“You’ll notice a lot of the campaign… was modeled off the back of what Ezra and Smart Marketer have been teaching.”

Ezra Firestone, Zipify Co-Founder & CEO

Ezra is the Co-Founder of Zipify AppsSmart Marketer (ecommerce education), and BOOM! By Cindy Joseph (ecommerce brand). Each of these is a 7–8-figure brand that plays an essential part in his ecommerce ecosystem.

Ezra tests new strategies on his own $175 million business, then he takes what works and shares it with his community at Smart Marketer and also builds it into the apps at Zipify.

You can get the same free training Brad used to create this winning funnel at the links below:

Once Brad completed these trainings, he had a proven marketing plan to run his giveaway campaign and be successful at it.

The Marketing Plan

Fit Kit Bodycare's november and december 2022 marketing plan.

“It’s a lead generation giveaway competition… The objective was to build a list of prospects to put our Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and our Christmas offers in front of.”

In addition to acquiring new leads, Brad wanted to wake up their existing subscriber base and get them excited, too.

“We were prepared to target cold, warm, and buyers as well. So the traffic sources were going to come from ads, from Facebook ads, email, organic social.”

Once the viewer interacted with the ad or link, they would be transported to the opt-in page Brad built inside Zipify Pages using a template.

The Opt-In Page Template

For Brad, the hardest part of putting his opt-in page together was recording the video of the six-month supply for the on-page video.

Everything from the block placement to block elements were already in place and ready to go on the template — Brad just had to plug in his brand’s information.

“I got this template straight from Zipify and then threw some of our branding in it. It was super simple to do.”

The finished opt-in page contains a large opt-in block that takes up the entire space above the fold:

Above the fold of Fit Kit Bodycare's giveaway opt-in page.

This makes it easy for subscribers to enter their email information without the need to scroll down.

If the viewer needs more convincing to enter the giveaway, there is follow-up social proof below the opt-in block and an additional opportunity to subscribe at the bottom of the page:

The bottom section of Fit Kit Bodycare's giveaway opt-in page.

The Thank You Page Template

“The idea here on this particular thank you page was that we [want subscribers] to make a purchase so that we could really self-liquidate the Facebook ad traffic and at least break even on our lead generation costs.”

After viewers subscribe, they’re directed to the Thank You page where their giveaway submission is confirmed and a special 20% OFF discount is offered:

Above the fold of Fit Kit Bodycare's giveaway thank you page.

“We begin the process of starting to introduce [subscribers] to the product range… we’d call it meeting the team.”

The "meet the team" product section of Fit Kit Bodycare's giveaway thank you page.

Not only did this Thank You page fulfill its purpose in the giveaway, it had become a self-driving force to boost sales and increase average order value.

The next step of this strategy was to communicate and market to new and old subscribers.

“Once they were entered here, we then put them on a Klaviyo flow, I think it was about four to five emails.”

In those emails, Brad updated subscribers about the status of the giveaway, introduced them to the products, hyped up the upcoming holiday sale, and he generated more revenue than expected.

Let’s take a look at his full results…

Results From The Lead Generation Campaign

“We had spent 300 pounds on Facebook ads. So really our objective was just to break even… and build a list.”

With 300 pounds invested in advertising, Brad was pleasantly surprised with his campaign’s results after just 11 days:

Fit Kit Bodycare's giveaway campaign results spreadsheet.

“Essentially we were getting about 53 pence per lead, which is what? About 60… between 60, 65 cents per lead… I would take that all day every day.”

In that short time, Fit Kit Bodycare also acquired over 565 new active leads!

“So 567 net new subscribers, and that essentially didn’t cost us anything. We actually made a profit doing that, generating those new subscribers.”

And when it came to revenue, this lead gen campaign generated more than 200% return on ad spend!

“Sales revenue from Klaviyo was showing 646 [pounds]… It was costing us 300 pounds for Facebook ads, and we were generating more than double that from a revenue perspective off the back of direct sales.”

Here are a few more eye-catching statistics Brad recorded:

  • 11 pounds per new customers
  • 13 pounds per returning customers
  • 24.67 pounds average order value

“And then we went, took this campaign to the next stage… emailing for the next two months leading up to Christmas… and [subscribers] were buying, which was great.”

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