Boost Holiday Revenue With Shop App Upsells (For $0 Extra Cost)

Want to gain a seller’s edge this holiday season?

Use OneClickUpsell and be one of the only stores on the Shop app that can offer upsells!

To fully understand what this means and how it’ll boost your sales and AOV, here’s the breakdown…

What Is The Shop App By Shopify?

The Shop app is the one-stop shopping hub for all Shopify brands. It’s Shopify’s mobile shopping app where buyers can:

  • Track orders
  • Engage with brands
  • Discover new products
  • Get rewards and more!

With over 100 million users worldwide, the Shop app is connecting a new generation of shoppers to brands like yours.

Our latest partnership with the Shop app by Shopify includes an integration that gives OneClickUpsell users exclusive access to all Thank You Page offer capabilities in the app.

The Zipify/OCU and Shop by Shopify Partnership logo.

Just by being an OCU user (or future user), you are the only sellers on Shopify who get access to these post-purchase in-app offers at no additional cost.

This creates a new stream of revenue for your brand, and gives you the connection needed to upsell all of Shop’s 100 million users.

Offering Thank You Page Upsells In The Shop App

As long as you’ve met the Shop Merchant Guidelines, you already have access to the Shop Channel in your Shopify settings.

You can confirm Shop is enabled for your store by going to your Shopify admin and clicking Settings > Apps and sales channels. Read Shopify’s help article on how to set up the Shop sale channel here.

After that, it’s time to work inside the OCU app!

Start by going to the funnel you want to add your new Shop app offer to.

Then, with the Shop app in mind, go to the Thank You page offer section and create a new offer or copy a previously created offer:

The thank you page offer type pop-up in the oneclickupsell funnel builder.

Choosing a new offer will require you to make customizations to enhance its appearance starting from a blank canvas. Copying an already created offer will add the duplicate offer to the TY page section and allow you to publish it in moments.

But, if you’re already an OCU user and have a Thank You page upsell firing already, simply turn on the Shop app toggle to add that offer to the checkout in the Shop app:

The shop app offr toggle in the oneclickupsell funnel builder.

From the buyer’s perspective — once they complete their purchase in the Shop app on mobile, they’ll be presented with this limited-time offer on the confirmation page:

The post-purchase thank you page offer showing on the confirmation page inside the Shop app.

If they click on the limited-time offer, OneClickUpsell will display the full post-purchase offer:

The full post-purchase thank you page offer showing inside the Shop app.

Next, customers can add the item to their order or decline it. When an offer is accepted, customers are only charged for the accepted upsell offer since their initial order was already processed.

And to ensure there are no miscommunications about the accepted offer, customers are re-shown the calculations of their new purchase and already-processed purchase on an updated confirmation page:

The updated confirmation page inside the Shop app with the initial purchase an upsell purchase combined.

Visit the dedicated OCU help section to learn more about the new Thank You page offers for the Shop app.

You could be leaving money on the table if you’re not offering upsells in the Shop app…

So go with the app that continues to give its users a seller’s edge: OneClickUpsell!

We Want To Hear From You!

If you’re already an OCU upseller, please do us a huge favor and leave an honest review in the Shopify App Store. It helps us create winning relationships with other business owners just like you.

If you’re not a OneClickUpsell user and want to take advantage of this brand-new stream of revenue before the biggest sale weekend of the year — learn more about the app here and start your free 30-day trial.

I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!

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