4 New Features To Help Grow A Money Tree (OCU Feature Roundup – August ‘23)

Building a brand is like building a garden…

You start by planting a seed — like starting an email list, running ads, or installing OneClickUpsell on your store…

You tend to it over time and before you know it, you’ve got a beautiful money tree that produces revenue year after year.

This month, we want to help you grow more money trees with 4 new seeds — I mean features — for OneClickUpsell.

Grab a shovel, and let’s dig in!

#1 New Discount Types for In-Checkout Offers (Shopify Plus Users Only)

In case you missed it, back in March, 2023 we released the new In-Checkout Offers feature for Shopify Plus stores.

This allowed OCU Plus users to display one additional offer directly on the Shopify Checkout during the checkout process:

Additional in-checkout offer on the Shopify Checkout screen.

Now, we’ve made this new feature even better by adding the ability to set different discount types for your in-checkout offers.

Start by adding this offer to your funnels like you would any other upsell offer:

The "add upsell offer" option for In-checkout offers in the OCU app.

Then click on the offer to select your product, edit your offer description, and choose your variants.

And now, thanks to this new feature improvement…

You can now select the type of discount for your in-checkout offer:

  • Percentage (ex: 25% off)
  • Fixed amount (ex: $5 off)
  • Compare at price (ex: $20 now $15)

The in-checkout offer settings inside the OneClickUpsell. app

You can also go into the Shopify Checkout Editor to select the position of the offer on the Shopify Checkout.

To learn more about this new feature, view our extensive help section on In-Checkout offers.

#2 New Post-Purchase Split Test Parameter

With our new split test parameter, you can now split test single vs. multiple post-purchase upsell offers against each other:A single vs. mutli-product split test inside the OCU app.

In this example, you can see that a split test between a single product upsell of Boom Calm versus a multi-product upsell where the customer can choose between three different products.

You can use this feature to split test more offers and unlock new possibilities. Save what’s working, prune what’s not — and keep testing to grow more winners!

#3 Scheduled Funnel Publishing

Our third feature is scheduled funnel publishing.

Now you can effortlessly schedule when your upsell funnels get published, so you can optimize your workflow and strategically plan your sale campaigns!

The calendar for funnel scheduling inside the OCU app.

If you ever need to go back and change when your Funnel goes live, just unschedule and reschedule the publishing date at any time.

#4 Export OneClickUpsell Data Into A CSV

Last on our list is the ability to export OneClickUpsell data into a CSV.

The download CSV feature for the upsell offers inside the OCU app.

With a CSV in your hands, you can analyze and track your upsell offers more thoroughly.

Plus, downloading your data can help you to make better decisions for your business while preserving your historical data for easy reference.

Do you have a great idea for a new OneClickUpsell feature? Submit your new feature requests here.


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I’m Brittany — thanks for reading!


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