How To Generate Sales Using A Video Focused Product Page (Zipify Pages)

Is video marketing big for your brand?


Now you can leverage your videos for more sales with this new Zipify Pages template created by The Casual Company: the Video Focused Product Page.


This template supports videos from popular platforms like: 


  • Wistia
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube 
  • Facebook 


And its video-first design makes it easy to spotlight customer testimonials and product recommendations, so you can turn your more video viewers into buyers.


You can read more about the Video Focused Product Page below or better yet, watch my video at the top!


Focusing In On The Video Focused Product Page

Video Inside The Image Carousel  

The first video that appears on the page is displayed inside the Dynamic Buy Box’s Image Carousel: 

By default, videos get added to the end of the image carousel, but we’ve built a feature that allows it to be the headliner of this block. 


Since this video is inside the buy box, we recommend sticking to “how to” videos and product demonstrations here. 


Beyond the image carousel, there are a number of additional layout options you can use to customize the buy box even further, like: 


  • Star Ratings
  • Countdown Timer
  • Size Chart
  • Cross-Sell Section
  • Mobile Sticky Buttons and more! 


When combining these layout options with a high-converting video, you’ll see a noticeable increase to conversions and your average order value. 


Text & Video Blocks 

The next section of this product page features text on the left and a video on the right:



Product features are explained and listed through bullet points and the video shown to the right has someone sharing similar information as they review the product.  


Video Review Section 

For the video review section, there’s a double video block without text housing the videos:



There are some text reviews farther down the page but this section is intentionally made for videos only. 


When viewing the entire page, you’ll see it has a top-heavy video layout encouraging the viewer to watch at least one video before moving lower down the page. 


With these two additional videos, that makes a total of 4 that can be leveraged to educate viewers on your product and encourage them to add to cart.


The Non-Video Content

Once the viewer makes it past the videos, they’ll arrive at the page’s traditional written content.

Remember, your sales copy is just as important as the content in your video, and in these sections, we’re communicating the:

  • Return Policy
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Delivery Costs
  • Customer Support Options 
  • Text Reviews
  • Additional Product Recommendations (with images) 

Want to Feature Videos On Your Next Product Page? 


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I’m Brittany — see you next time!  



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