Testimonial: How In Shape Mummy 10x-ed Revenue In Just One Year

“This time last year my business made $2,000 for the month, but last month it made $20,000.” – Lisa, Founder of In Shape Mummy

So, how exactly did Lisa 10x her monthly revenue in just one year?

If you ask, she’d happily tell you: “The reason for the increase was Zipify.” 😄

About In Shape Mummy

InShapeMummy.com is an ecommerce brand that sells health food products to help new moms get in shape.

Before Zipify, Lisa was unhappy with other landing page options, having spent thousands of dollars on website design that resulted in no sales. She knew she needed a way to build a high-converting site at a lower cost and in a shorter period of time.

In her search, Lisa discovered Zipify Pages and OneClickUpsell.

Zipify Pages

“One thing I love the most about [Zipify Pages] is the huge range of landing page templates. These templates have generated millions and millions of dollars and they’re all available for people like me to use.”

Once Lisa began using these plug-and-play templates, she noticed a dramatic increase in sales. Awesome!


With a new site design in place, Lisa was ready to focus on generating additional sales on top of the sales she was already making. This is where the OneClickUpsell proved its value:

“My most successful OneClickUpsell funnel had a 30% conversion rate. So, that’s sales I never would have had before.”

Not only did Lisa generate more sales with a fresh, conversion-proven site design, but she also was able to increase her average order value and maximize her selling opportunities.

The overall result: Lisa’s monthly revenue skyrocketed tenfold! 🚀

“[Zipify] is a must-have for any ecommerce business… Zipify has everything you need to do it yourself at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time”

Use Zipify Apps to Grow Your Shopify Store

Are you ready to start leveraging conversion-tested templates and proven upsell funnels?

Check out Zipify Pages, our landing page and sales funnel builder, and OneClickUpsell, our upsell and cross-sell tool…

And see how you can start adding extra revenue to your Shopify store today!

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