[Case Study] Upsell Converts at 20%, Earns Over $58k for Shopify Store

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By Zipify Apps | November 11, 2020


“…if you have not tried Zipify’s OCU for yourself, I would highly recommend it because we have seen tremendous results from it.”

– Shishir Nigam, Zipify Brand Ambassador

Meet Shishir Nigam, a successful Shopify store owner and our newest Zipify Brand Ambassador. He is the Founder of The Dropshipping Council, and also the owner of several e-commerce stores that have done in excess of C$1 million in sales while utilizing Zipify Apps to give their sales revenues a major boost.

Shishir was having a trouble with his strategy for increasing average order value, so he turned to the upsells and cross-sells of OneClickUpsell.

“I tried to do in-cart upsells, so those worked to some extent. But ultimately, I found the most effective way to upsell and increase our average order value was to try post-purchase upsells, which is what Zipify allows for and we saw tremendous results…”

In just a year, Shishir generated $97,700.53 in extra revenue with OCU’s post-purchase upsells — with a single upsell offer page accounting for $58,000 of that.

Keep reading for a breakdown of Shishir’s top-performing upsell funnel.



“Before utilizing Zipify OneClickUpsell, I experimented with other types of bundling possibilities…”


Looking to increase average order value (AOV), Shishir tried a variety of tactics to get customers to add more products to their order.
But he quickly realized he had a problem:

“I used to have cross-sells on my product page. I realized that very often those are actually detracting from my conversion rates because my customers were getting distracted by the other products that I’m linking to on my initial product page.”

With a declining AOV, Shishir knew he had to close the initial sale first and then try to gain the extra revenue through post-purchase offers. That’s what led him to OCU.

The Funnel

How you structure your upsell offers is important. The data we’ve gathered suggests that having at least 2 upsells and 1 downsell in a funnel performs the best.

If we take a look at Shishir’s funnel, he includes 3 upsells and 2 downsells. As reflected in the data we collected, his first 2 upsells and downsell produced the best results:

But what made these offers so appealing?

For Shishir, his approach was to add upsell products that were complementary to the items the customer purchased.


“The first upsell offer when somebody bought that product… was a complementary product to our original hook offer.”


If the customer didn’t accept the upsell offer…

“If somebody did not accept the upsell offer, they’ll be shown a downsell offer. Even that had a 5% conversion rate.”

If the customer did accept the upsell offer…

“If somebody did buy the upsell, we would again show them a second upsell offer… This was a more premium version of the original item that they just bought.”

Continuing this trend, Shishir included the “ultimate” version of his product as the 3rd upsell in the funnel, and that resulted in an extra $1k in revenue.

Now, let’s take a look at how his top upsell offer performed.

The Results


“The first upsell offer… was creating nearly 20% conversion rate and… by itself generated $58,000 in incremental revenue. Just as one additional offer.”


With just the one post-purchase upsell offer, Shishir was able to earn a ton of extra revenue. Check out these numbers from a single upsell:

Upsell Views: 9,154
Conversion Rate: 19.61%
Total Revenue: 58,481
$ / Visit: $6.39

In total, OCU generated $97,700.53 in additional revenue for Shishir and nearly 2x-ed his average order value.

“So the result of all this was that through the last year, our average order value increased from about $25, all the way to nearly $50 in the end of 2019.”

Overall, OCU was one of Shishir’s best investments. Not only was he able to make extra revenue, he also saved money in marketing costs:


“…every additional dollar that these upsells generated for us was very high margin… that entire 100k in revenue was highly profitable because we’re not spending additional marketing dollars to acquire them.”


Want to see how OCU is contributing to the success of agencies, too? Take a look at how this ecommerce expert made his client an extra $80,000.

Ready to Try OneClickUpsell on Your Store?

With OCU’s conversion-tested offer templates and easy-to-use upsell funnel builder, you can launch high-performing offers just like Shishir’s.

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