Ecommerce Expert Makes Client an Extra $80,000 (w/ Jeremiah Allen, Zipify Brand Ambassador)

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“We’ve received terrific results from it. About $80,000 in additional revenue…”

– Jeremiah Allen, Zipify Brand Ambassador

Jeremiah is what we would refer to as an ecommerce guru: he owns and operates multiple agencies and specializes as an advisor, strategist and investor.

Qualified? His resume in ecom goes back to 1997! In short — Jeremiah knows his stuff.

But recently, one of his clients was having trouble increasing their average order value with pre-purchase upsells. Jeremiah noticed that making additional offers prior to checkout would always lower the conversion rate…

So, being the strategist he is, Jeremiah decided to leverage post-purchase upsells (i.e., making additional offers after checkout) using the OneClickUpsell app.

This resulted in an additional $80,000 in revenue for his client. Nice!

Read the full case study below.

The History

Jeremiah’s client sells a baby product that costs around $60.

And since the brand only had a single SKU, they were finding it difficult to increase their average order value.

Jeremiah first tried pre-purchase upsells, but this didn’t work out too well:

“Every time we would have upsell efforts before the cart or trying to get people to buy more, it always lowered our conversion rate.”

Deciding to try post-purchase upsells, he discovered OneClickUpsell.


“What we did is, we installed OCU and it was so simple, very easy to install and configure.”


For his upsell offer, Jeremiah simply offered customers another one of the same product they just bought.

Too easy? Well, the results speak for themselves.

The Results

In less than a year, this funnel made Jeremiah’s client an additional $80k in revenue using a single post-purchase upsell.

  • Upsell Views: 25,178
  • Conversion Rate: 6.96%
  • Extra Revenue: Over $80,000
  • Extra $ / Visit: $3.18

Converting at almost 7% with $3.18 per visit? That’s good business, and we’re sure Jeremiah’s client was extremely happy.

And Jeremiah was happy as well, because with the simplicity of configuring the app and the ready-to-go offer page template, generating that extra $80,000 was a piece of cake.


“…as far as ease of use, super easy to set up and configure.”


So what’s next?

“The client actually just rolled out a new product. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put that in as a downsell.”

With a second product, Jeremiah will be able to create multiple upsell funnels and further increase his client’s AOV.

What expert advice does Jeremiah have for you?


“So I would encourage you to give OCU a try. Zipify’s whole product set is great. I love it and I recommend it on many of my client projects because it’s such a great tool and easy to use, and is a terrific way to increase your average order value.”


Making It Easy

Just as Jeremiah mentioned, OneClickUpsell is super easy to use.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create an upsell funnel with an associated tag.
  • Customize your offer pages within the upsell funnel.
  • 3Tag the products that you want to trigger your upsell funnel.

That’s it! — OCU will recognize when a tagged product is purchased and automatically present the post-purchase upsell after checkout.

For an app demonstration, watch the end of the video where Zipify CEO Ezra Firestone shows you exactly how to create these upsell funnels and offer pages.

Want to know more? To see how OCU is delivering for our users, take a look at these eye-opening results: $32k with One Upsell Funnel.

Ready to Try OneClickUpsell on Your Store?

At Zipify we create our apps with business owners in mind, and we’re constantly raising the bar to meet the needs of both new store owners and ecommerce gurus like Jeremiah.

To learn more about how you can increase the average order value on your Shopify store, go here to learn more about OneClickUpsell:
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