PayPal & Shop Pay: New Payment Gateways for Post-purchase Upsells (OneClickUpsell)

We just added two of Shopify’s top payment gateways to OneClickUpsell! 

Previously, our users could only use PayPal and Shop Pay for pre-purchase offers… 

But with this new integration, you can now provide these express payment options on all offers — including regular post-purchase upsells and Thank You Page upsells.

BOOM!'s checkout showing the Shop Pay and Paypal express checkout buttons.

Why Are These Payment Gateways So Important? 

Based on Shopify’s data, Shop Pay can increase checkout speed by 4x and checkout-to-order rate by 2x on mobile when compared to other checkouts.

Meanwhile, PayPal is one the most accepted digital payment methods. In fact, it’s used by 87% of online buyers!

At Zipify, we can also personally attest to the effectiveness of these two gateways because PayPal and Shop Pay account for over 60% of checkouts on our $125 million Shopify store. 

The best part of these integrations? You barely have to do anything to set them up. Let me show you how.

How to Enable Shop Pay

First, the really easy one.

If you have Shop Pay enabled on your Shopify store, the OCU post-purchase offers will automatically begin showing when this gateway is selected at checkout. 

No further action is needed to start boosting your average order value by offering more upsells to your customers!

Read this Shopify article to learn why Shop Pay Is the Fastest and Best-Converting Checkout Experience on the Internet.

How to Enable PayPal

Okay, this one takes a tiny bit more work.

To enable the new PayPal integration, OCU needs to be set as your primary post-purchase app for Shopify. 

Just go into Shopify Settings > select Checkout > scroll down to Post-purchase page > choose OCU, and save: 

Shopify's Checkout setting for the post-purchase page with OneClickUpsell selected.

Once completed, Shopify will automatically request PayPal to enable Automatic Payments on your PayPal account. 

This is required to charge customers when they accept a post-purchase offer without the need for them to re-enter their payment information. 

You can check to see if you have Automatic Payments approved from within the PayPal payment settings:

Zipify help document showing the Paypal express checkout settings with automatic payments approved.

Once approved, OCU will recognize PayPal as an accepted payment gateway on your site for post-purchase upsells! 

To see all the supported post-purchase payment gateways for OCU, click here for more information.

Not a OneClickUpsell Member?

If you’d like to start offering post-purchase upsells when customers pay with PayPal or Shop Pay, start your free 30-day trial to OneClickUpsell today. 

I’m Brittany, thanks for watching! 

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